Love Doesn't Ask Why

Sue 19.12.2020 00:00

Merry Christmas Cindi & Happy New Year!

Take care and be safe♥

Joel (CV) 17.12.2020 23:19

Merry Christmas Cindi!

Love from Joel

Janet 17.12.2020 21:57

Happy Holidays Cindi.

Miss seeing you, hopefully soon!


Frank 16.12.2020 17:49

Merry Christmas Beautiful lady!

♥♥♥♥ 15.12.2020 19:13


Jude (Maddie's Group) 15.12.2020 17:46

Merry Christmas Cindi!

Love your Xmas Pages♥ Talk soon!

Marge♥ 05.11.2020 21:19

Happy Autumn to you and yours Cindi.

Hope you are doing alright, crazy times, huh?

Take care, hope to see you soon, Love, Marge♥

You Know Who♥ 02.11.2020 01:45


Love YOU Always

mc (LOVE YOU)♥♥♥♥ 01.11.2020 00:24

Thank YOU for the Beautiful Flowers Cynthia Jo!


MC 31.10.2020 22:59

Love YOU So Much!!

Julia 29.10.2020 22:18

Beautiful Website Miss Cindi

Thomas 29.10.2020 18:48


Miss you on Facebook, you haven't been on since February, is something wrong?

Love your Autumn Front Page :)

Danaka (CV) 28.10.2020 17:40

Cindi, thanks for sharing your new format, I LOVE IT!

Hope your family is healthy and safe, Congrats Grandma & Grandpa, SO EXCITING!

Love you :)

MC 27.10.2020 20:20

Cynthia Jo, thank you Sweetie for all your love and support through this difficult time of mine, God willing I will be fine.

Your love means the world to me!!

Cindi Morgan 28.10.2020 16:43

Michael, I will always be here for you, LOVE YOU BUNCHES :)

Jamica (CV) 27.10.2020 19:28

Cindi, I told you that the Guestbook had too many entries, I was right. I see you started from scratch. Hope to see you when our world is better.

Love you :

Jude (Maddie's Group) 02.10.2020 17:29

Cindi, the Flower Arrangement you made is Very Beautiful, can you make one for me when all gets back to normal? Beautiful Site, as always, Love you :)

Janice 30.09.2020 15:09

Very Beautiful Dear Cindi, as always.

Hope you and Joe, Ben and Mary are well.

Love you :)

Janice 23.09.2020 16:10

Hi Cindi,

Long time no see or talk, hope you and Joe and the Kids are well and safe.

Love your Autumn Page, take care, love you

Julia 21.09.2020 16:14

Lovely and Beautiful, as always Cindi.

Thanks for sharing your Website, I always look forward to seeing the changes of seasons on your front page, love to you

Tiffany 12.09.2020 17:44

Beautiful Autumn Page Cindi!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Anna G. 28.08.2020 16:29

Miss you my dear Cindi, hoping that you and your family are doing ok.

Cindi Morgan 03.09.2020 18:16

Anna Dear:

I will E-Mail you before the end of the week....

Love you and Miss YOU too!!! :)

Danika 30.05.2020 22:39

Love, Love, Love Your Beautiful Site, and YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

Thanks for sharing :)

Colleen 29.05.2020 20:28


For Two Months Now ~ No-One has been able to comment or leave you a message or sign your Guestbook, looks like things are back to normal. Be Safe, Hugs

MC - LOVE YOU :) 17.04.2020 00:08

Cynthia Jo: Forgot to say I miss you and our Weekly Lunches :(

Love YOU :)

Colleen (Livermore) 16.04.2020 23:46

WOW!!!! Such a Beautiful Photo of you Cindi, I remember your Modeling Days. Michael is right ~ CUTE THEN, BEAUTIFUL NOW, MISS YOU, LOVE YOU :)

MC - Love YOU 16.04.2020 23:40


Jen 02.03.2020 20:08

YOU, Cindi and your Website are BEAUTIFUL♥♥

MC♥♥ 24.02.2020 20:53

Cynthia Jo, Thanks for meeting me for lunch, you looked beautiful, as always.

Talk later, love you♥♥

Colleen (Livermore)♥ 21.02.2020 23:49

Beautiful Spring Page Cindi♥


MC♥♥ 21.02.2020 17:49

Love your Spring Page Cynthia Jo!!

Just got back into town - Lunch tomorrow? MISSED YOU!

Love you♥♥

Cindi Morgan 21.02.2020 18:15

Michael, glad your back - missed you!

YES Lunch tomorrow would be great - after I get my pedi and mani (lol)

I'll call you - Love you♥

MC♥♥ 05.02.2020 18:49

Love you♥

I'm so proud of you!! Asia ~ a great place to sell your Lipstick!

Happy to hear your suggestions for your next idea, Dinner?

Colleen (Livermore)♥ 16.01.2020 17:28

Beautiful YOU♥

MC♥♥ 14.01.2020 22:41

Thanks for lunch, I enjoyed the lunch, but most of all loved seeing my Beautiful Friend.

Love you Cindi♥

MC♥♥ 07.01.2020 18:06

Hi My Love, how are you?

Are you available for lunch or dinner?

Love you♥

Jim From Texas 06.01.2020 16:34

Happy New Year Beautiful Lady♥

MC♥ 01.10.2019 23:19

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks for joining me for lunch, MISS YOU♥


Kenneth (Livermore) 01.10.2019 21:50


Your such a DOLL, as every year goes by, you get more Beautiful♥

Love you♥

♥♥♥♥ 01.10.2019 15:34


Diane Henry 30.09.2019 23:08

I Love Autumn♥

I always look forward to see how your going to change your front page, ALWAYS VERY BEAUTIFUL♥

Thanks for being YOU♥

Kenneth 30.09.2019 23:06

Beautiful Autumn Page♥


Jamie (CV CHAMBER) 30.09.2019 22:39

You are a BEAUTY Miss Cindi♥

MC♥ 25.09.2019 15:27

Cynthia Jo,

Love the Drawing♥

Are you interested in one last PHOTO SHOOT? Let me know♥

Love you♥

Billie (CV) 24.09.2019 15:56

♥♥♥ So Beautiful ♥♥♥

Colleen (Livermore) 16.09.2019 19:18

What a Beautiful Drawing of you Miss Cindi, looks just like you!

Thanks for lunch the other day, love you♥

Colleen♥ 09.09.2019 20:18

Beautiful Cindi♥

MC♥♥ 09.09.2019 14:54

Cynthia Jo,

U just found where all your music is, under "Love Music" (lol)

Love you♥

Colleen 08.09.2019 17:51

Very Beautiful Drawing of you Cindi.

Love it!

M & D♥ 29.08.2019 21:40

Cynthia Jo,

Hope you liked your PINK Birthday Present from Dennis and I?

Love you♥♥

Jen♥ 23.08.2019 22:27

happy Belated Birthday Sweetie, Love you♥

Colleen 20.08.2019 02:16

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend!!

You just keep getting more Beautiful, how can that be? You look more Beautiful than in your modeling days (lol) Love you

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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Are you alive?

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