Love Doesn't Ask Why

Colleen and Rick♥ 26.07.2017 15:20


I hope Joe has a safe trip back to Georgia.

Prayers and Love to ALL the Morgan's

Talk soon♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 25.07.2017 23:42


What a couple of months it's been for you my Dear :( and :)

Congrats for Mary and Dave :)

Sadness for Joe and his family on his Father's passing

Colleen♥ 25.07.2017 23:34

Sorry to hear of Joe's Father's passing Cindi.

Please let Joe know that I'm praying for him and his family.

Talk to you soon♥ Maybe we can get together?

MC ♥ 25.07.2017 22:54

Cynthia Jo,

Sorry to hear about Joe's Dad, back to Georgia huh?

Please give him my condolences :(

If you need anything while he is gone, call me.

♥ you

MC ♥ 25.07.2017 17:10

Cynthia Jo,

Another photo won an award, I'll call you later.

How is Joe's Father?

Love you♥

Kenneth♥ 25.07.2017 14:44

Congratulations to Mary and Dave!

You will be a Beautiful Bride, just like your Mom

I wish you success and happiness and of course MORE AND MORE LOVE♥

♥♥♥♥ 24.07.2017 21:47


Evelyn♥ 24.07.2017 21:23

My, My Miss Cindi, what Beautiful photos of Mary J and Dave!!!!

So happy for your little clone, she sure looks like you♥

Love to all of you♥

Shanel (CV) 24.07.2017 20:26

Mary and Dave make a Cute Couple!

Cindi, Mary Looks just like you!

Congratulations to all of you, have fun in Michigan next month.

Love you Sweetie♥

Dennis (SF) 24.07.2017 18:09

Congratulations Morgan Family!

Mary is so beautiful, looks just like you Cindi.

Lover to all♥

Barb (Houston)♥ 24.07.2017 15:54

Beautiful Photos of Mary and Dave♥

Congrats to all!!

Yolanda (Texas)♥ 24.07.2017 00:40

Congratulations Mary and Dave!

Great photos, Mary you look just like your Mother♥

Can't wait to see your Wedding Photos

Have fun and ENJOY your Happiness

Margaret♥ 23.07.2017 23:57

Love The Pic's!!!!!!!!!!

Simone♥ 23.07.2017 23:56

Congratulations to Mary J and Dave♥

Take lots of photos!!

Dennis (San Francisco)♥ 23.07.2017 22:14


Just had to say this again♥


Dennis (San Francisco)♥ 23.07.2017 21:47


Michael was correct, THE SHOOT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Talk tomorrow♥

Love, Dennis

MC♥♥ (and Dennis) 23.07.2017 21:40

Cynthia Jo,

The new Photo Shoot went well, GREAT!!!

Dennis said the photos are AWESOME, your still the BEST Model♥

Love you♥

Aida (CV Chamber)♥ 23.07.2017 03:29

Sweet Couple, so nice to see Young Love, very heartwarming!

Congrats to the Cute Couple and of course to The Morgan Family♥

Mary will be a beautiful bride♥

Meg (SD) 22.07.2017 16:14

Beautiful Couple, Congratulations Mary and Dave♥

Belinda♥ 21.07.2017 19:13

Love is certainly in the air for you and your family Miss Cindi♥

Wishing the CUTE COUPLE lots of happiness, HAVE FUN!

She looks just like YOU♥

♥♥♥♥ 21.07.2017 18:37


Bernie (Friends for Life)♥ 21.07.2017 18:17

So happy you have Mary's Wedding to look forward to, so many sad things have happened in your life lately.

Things will get better, YOU ARE SO LOVED MY SWEET♥♥

Colleen♥ 21.07.2017 17:51


Your site still has some issues!

I know you are stressing right now, maybe fixing it will help you smile.

When does Joe come home?

Love YOU♥♥

Tabatha (New York)♥ 21.07.2017 15:08


Congratulations to your entire Family on Mary's Wedding in October.

They make a Cute Couple, hard to believe you are her Mother, you look like Sisters♥

Stephanie (CV Chamber)♥ 21.07.2017 14:57


They are so cute together AND THEY ARE SO SMART!!

2 Doctors in the Family....Congrats Morgan Family, love you all♥

Diane (SD) 20.07.2017 21:23

Beautiful Couple!

MC ♥ 20.07.2017 19:52

I agree with Colleen, last photo of Mary and Dave is ADORABLE!


Love you Cynthia Jo♥

Colleen♥ 20.07.2017 19:39


That last pic of Mary and Dave is PRECIOUS, I LOVE IT♥

They are just too cute for words!!

Love you Girlie♥

Margie (SF-US Steel)♥ 20.07.2017 17:30

Beautiful Couple, so happy for your Daughter!

Mary and Dave make an adorable couple, CONGRATS!

Talk soon♥

Margie (SF-US Steel)♥ 20.07.2017 14:57


I'm so happy for Mary Jeisme, please give her my love♥

They are such a CUTE Couple♥

Britt (CV)♥ 20.07.2017 14:54


You must be so proud, CONGRATS♥

Blythe (SD) 20.07.2017 14:46

What a Cute Couple Mary and Dave are!!

Your Daughter looks just like you Cindi♥

Congrats to all!

Cathy (CV)♥ 20.07.2017 03:40

Yes Cindi, this is WHAT LOVE IS ALL ABOUT♥

Mary and Dave, Congratulations!!

Beautiful Couple♥

Bethany (CV Chamber)♥ 20.07.2017 02:45


I love your site and was so happy to see the photos you posted of your Daughter and her Fiance' ♥

WOW does she look like you, you could be sisters.


Maddie (New York)♥ 19.07.2017 23:41

Cindi, for Mary and Dave♥

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing them a wonderful journey as they build their new life together.


Cheryl♥ 19.07.2017 22:36

Love these pic's of Mary and Dave!

Such a Cute Couple

Wish I could go to their Wedding, I know you will take a million photos and share with all of us (lol)♥

Yelena (Maryland)♥ 19.07.2017 22:03

Twins! (YOU and Mary)

Beautiful Couple, so happy for you and your family♥

Belinda♥ 19.07.2017 22:00

Beautiful Couple♥

Congratulations to you and your FAMILY!

She looks just like YOU

♥♥♥♥ 19.07.2017 21:51


Brenda Hernandez♥ (Texas) 19.07.2017 20:19

What a cute couple!

Congrats yo all of you♥

Deanna (CV)♥ 19.07.2017 20:09

I agree with Faith, Cindi, your Family is AMAZING!

I've known you for a long time and have seen all the LOVE YOUR FAMILY HAS♥


Michael and Dennis♥ 19.07.2017 20:07

When is their Wedding?

Beautiful Photos

Faith (WMAC) 19.07.2017 20:04

Love these Pic's Cindi♥

So happy for you and your Family, Mary is Adorable

Your Family is like an American PostCard

Evie (CV Chamber)♥ 19.07.2017 19:45


So Happy for the Morgan Family

Happiness is what you need Cindi Dear♥

Put a smile on that BEAUTIFUL face of yours

See you soon♥

Jen♥ 19.07.2017 19:29

To be young again and so in love, they make such a cute couple!!

Congrats Cindi♥

James (New York) 19.07.2017 19:14

Beautiful Photos of Mary and Dave

Congratulations on their upcoming Wedding♥

MC ♥ 19.07.2017 19:06

Beautiful Photos of Mary and Dave♥

Wish I could have taken these photos of them

Cindi, Mary reminds me of you when you were a young woman♥

Love you♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 19.07.2017 19:00


They look so happy♥

They make a Beautiful Couple, when is the Wedding♥

Margie (SF-US Steel)♥ 19.07.2017 18:30


Such a CUTE Couple♥

Mary looks just like you!


Kenneth (Always Here for YOU) 19.07.2017 03:11

Whats going on Cindi, worried about you!!

Your site has some problems and you won't return my calls?

Please call me!

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