Love Doesn't Ask Why

AnyPam 03.12.2016 23:36

Beautiful page

MC♥♥ 30.11.2016 20:46

Cynthia Jo, Sorry you have been ill, hope to see your beautiful smile soon.

Love you♥

Donnie♥ 26.11.2016 18:59

Merry Christmas Lovely Cindi♥

Love you♥

Dennis (SF) 23.11.2016 21:19

Happy Thanksgiving Cindi♥

Hope to see you over the weekend, I have some proofs for you to look at.

Hugs Sweet Girl♥

Dina♥ 23.11.2016 20:29

Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie♥

Enjoy your time with your family.

Love you♥

♥♥♥♥ 23.11.2016 19:31


Robert (SF) 23.11.2016 17:05


Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and yours♥

Love ya♥

Bernice (Texas) Houston♥ 22.11.2016 21:56

Beautiful Site Cindi!!

Love everything about it, thanks for sharing your LOVE♥

Happy Thanksgiving TO YOU AND YOURS♥

MC♥♥ 17.11.2016 05:03

Miss YOU Cynthia Jo♥


♥♥♥♥ 15.11.2016 01:29


Bernice (Texas) Houston♥ 14.11.2016 16:50

Happy Thanksgiving Dear♥

Love you♥

MC♥♥ 14.11.2016 02:47

Love YOU Cynthia Jo♥

MC♥♥ 13.11.2016 03:01

Happy Birthday Joe, hope you had a good trip to Georgia and that you are happy to be home.

Love to you Cynthia Jo♥

Margie (SF-US Steel)♥ 10.11.2016 18:10

Beautiful website, I'm enjoying the music and all your beautiful graphics and photos.

You are lovely Cindi♥

♥♥♥♥ 10.11.2016 01:31


MC♥♥ 09.11.2016 03:08

Sending LOVE to you Cynthia Jo♥

Love you♥

June (Maddie's Group)♥ 08.11.2016 21:48


Donna♥ 08.11.2016 03:18


MC ♥ 07.11.2016 18:54

Sending Love to you Dear Cynthia Jo♥

Colleen♥ 07.11.2016 04:03

Your website is crazy need to find somewhere to store your graphics for your beautiful website.

Sorry Sweetie♥ I know it upsets you :(

MC♥♥ 05.11.2016 20:48

Miss YOU Cynthia Jo!!

Love you♥

Colleen♥ 05.11.2016 01:16

Your site is crazy again :(

I hate photo-bucket, I'm sure you do as well, they said there doing maintenance.

Some of my graphics are missing too!

Love you♥

Jude (Maddie's Sunday Group)♥ 04.11.2016 00:09

Beautiful website♥

Delores (WMAC)♥ 02.11.2016 18:45

Happy Thanksgiving Miss Cindi♥

Lamont (SF) 01.11.2016 23:40

Cindi, if you change your mind, you know my number.

I do understand but we need to put that aside, this is business we are talking about, let me know.

Mark 31.10.2016 16:40

Hi Cindi....

Mark 03.11.2016 13:57

Correct email

Mark 03.11.2016 13:55

waiting for my email ...I have your med advice...

Cindi 01.11.2016 17:08

Hi Mark............hope you are well!

I owe you an E-Mail.

Take care♥

MC♥♥ 30.10.2016 22:24

Cynthia Jo,

Glad you had a good meeting with Lamont!

He thought you were everything I said you were, Beautiful, Sweet and Smart♥

Still loving you♥

MC❤ 30.10.2016 20:06

Very :(

MC ♥ 28.10.2016 20:30

Guess your not giving in this time Cynthia Jo :(

What can I do to change your mind?

Love you♥

♥♥♥♥ 28.10.2016 02:54


Jamie R. 27.10.2016 05:12

Beautiful Website Cindi ♥

MC ♥ 25.10.2016 23:32

No comment Cynthia Jo :(

I said I was sorry!!!!

Love you♥

MC♥♥ 25.10.2016 04:28

SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!

Love you♥

Janet (CV)♥ 24.10.2016 21:58

Love your site Cindi, it's simply BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for sharing with Britt and myself.

Smiles :)

MC ♥ 24.10.2016 21:37

I'm sorry Cynthia Jo, so sorry!!!! :(

Love you♥

♥♥♥♥ 23.10.2016 03:29


MC♥♥ 22.10.2016 23:54

Cynthia Jo,

All I can say is I'm Sorry, thought I was doing you and your friend a favor.

So many friendships ruined, sorry! I'm always here for you!


MC♥♥ 15.10.2016 21:39

Afternoon Beautiful♥

See you tomorrow, it's going to really rain tomorrow, dress appropriately (lol)

Love YOU ♥

Delores (Life and Love.Com) 15.10.2016 04:57


Smiles :)

Deanna (CV) 15.10.2016 00:22

Cindi, your Site is very Beautiful!

Thank you for the share, Happy Autumn, Happy Halloween!


MC ♥ 14.10.2016 23:47

Cynthia Jo,

It's really raining hard right now, are you still available to meet later?

Did Finn call you about his website?

Love you♥

Margaret♥ 13.10.2016 16:31

Beautiful Site!

Happy Autumn♥

MC ♥ 12.10.2016 23:29

Cynthia Jo,

Love the nails and hair, GREAT PHOTO SHOOT!!

See you on Saturday♥

Love you♥

♥♥♥♥ 12.10.2016 01:43


Bernie (Friends for Life)♥ 11.10.2016 23:21

Pink For The Cure♥

MC ♥ 11.10.2016 01:00

Hey Beautiful, are you doing ok?

You need to call the Doctor NOW!!!!!!!....LOVE THE PINK♥♥

Love you, will check on you later♥

Marcy (X-Wards)♥ 10.10.2016 16:21


MC♥♥ 09.10.2016 07:37

Think PINK Cynthia Jo♥

See you tomorrow, LOVE YOU♥

♥♥♥♥ 07.10.2016 02:35


MC ♥ 05.10.2016 22:45

Hey Beautiful, how are you?

You've been in my thoughts, LOVE YOU♥


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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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Are you alive?

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