Love Doesn't Ask Why

Mickie (CV) 03.07.2016 05:40

So Beautiful, EVERYTHING!!!!

Kenneth (Always Here for YOU) 03.07.2016 05:05

Happy 4th Doll!!

Miss you, you are still my "Number One" Girl♥

Colleen♥ 03.07.2016 05:03

Friends, so happy to see this pic Cindi♥

Love you♥

Aaron (X-Wards) 03.07.2016 00:54

Cindi, these two friends of yours are so handsome!

I sort of remember the one on the left, a model, right?

Those were fun times, remember? ♥

Lucky you♥

Evelyn S. (X-Wards)♥ 03.07.2016 00:26

I agree with you Cindi, Friendships, True Friendships are PRICELESS♥

So glad we are friends, YOU ARE PRICELESS TO ME♥

Love you Girlie♥

Anna G. 02.07.2016 20:56

Hi my sweet Cindi,your site like always looking fabulous in all the special sections you have here.Happy 4th of July weekend my friend,loads of love to you!!♥ ;

Maddie (New York)♥ 02.07.2016 18:10


What Handsome Friends you have, Models like you, I presume?

Have a Happy 4th Cindi♥

Colleen♥ 02.07.2016 06:09

So Handsome Cindi, Michael and Dennis, in fact I would say (I will use your words) HUNKS!!!!!!


Johnnie♥ 01.07.2016 23:55

Happy Birthday Twins, Ben and Mary Morgan, hope you had a terrific day!!

MC ♥ 01.07.2016 23:40

Cynthia Jo,

Wanted you to know that I value and cherish your love and friendship♥

Love you♥

Dora (Maddie's Sunday Group) 01.07.2016 18:41

Beautiful Family you have Cindi♥

Happy Birthday to your Twins, Ben and Mary Jesime♥

Marcy (X-Wards)♥ 01.07.2016 16:52

Happy Birthday Cindi's Twins Ben and Mary!

Hope you had a wonderful Day♥

Fred (CV Chamber) 01.07.2016 15:47

Hope Ben and Mary had a Great Birthday!!

Hard to believe you are the Mother of 28 Year Old Twins, you are and look AMAZING♥

See you at next meeting♥

Colleen♥ 01.07.2016 04:46

Cindi, Hope Ben and Mary had a Good Birthday♥

I will buy the One ($60.00) Massage from you, keep the other one for yourself. Massage Envy, right?

Love you♥

Barry (James Group) 01.07.2016 03:56

Happy 4th of July, ENJOY♥

Cathy (CV)♥ 01.07.2016 03:39

Birthday Love to Ben and Mary♥

All the struggles all of you went through, paid off.

Congrats and LOVE to YOU, Cindi, Joe and your Precious Twins♥

Evelyn S. (X-Wards)♥ 01.07.2016 03:20

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary!

Hope all your dreams and wishes come true♥

Love to you both♥

MC ♥ 01.07.2016 01:16

Cynthia Jo,

Some days are just bad days, that's all.

You have to experience sadness to know happiness♥

Be Happy MY LOVE♥

MC ♥ 01.07.2016 01:13

Happy 4th of July Cindi Girl!

See you Saturday at the SF House.


Bill (At the Office) 01.07.2016 01:10

Ben and Mary, Happy Birthday to both of you!

I've known you since you were little babies, I'm so proud of you both!!

Love you♥

Donna♥ 01.07.2016 01:07


MC ♥ 01.07.2016 01:06

Cynthia Jo, so happy that Dennis and I are able to give you back some of monies you spent (mostly) back to you, I know your still sad, but it will be alright♥♥

Frank C. 01.07.2016 00:48

Can't believe you are 28 Years Old today Ben and Mary.

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Twins♥

Wishing you lots of Love today and always♥

Jamie♥ 01.07.2016 00:20

Happy Birthday to the "Miracle" Twins!!!!

Love to both of you♥

Jill (CV Chamber) ♥ 30.06.2016 23:31

Hard to believe you are 28 years old today, I remember all the times I visited your Mother in the Hospital, she was a real trooper, 2 months in the Hospital.

Julie♥ 30.06.2016 23:27

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary!

I remember the day you two were born, it was a very happy day for your family.

Your Mother's fondest and best wish came true♥

Jude (Maddie's Sunday Group) 30.06.2016 22:22

Happy 4th of July Cindi Dear!

Have fun and stay away from those loud Fire-Crackers (lol)

Amber (CV)♥ 30.06.2016 22:19

Birthday Wishes to the "TWINS"♥♥

Love you♥

MC ♥ 30.06.2016 22:18

Cynthia Jo, it just occurred to me, if you want to sell the 2 ($60.00 each) Massage Envy Gift Cards, I will buy them from you, or you and Mary can use them♥


Marcy (X-Wards)♥ 30.06.2016 22:13

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary!!!

Hard to believe your 28 years old, you were so TINY when you were born.

Hugs to both of you♥

Margie (SF-US Steel)♥ 30.06.2016 21:57

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary!!!!

I also remember when you were born, so little.

What a gift you are to your parents, Your Mom fought so hard to have you♥


Evie (CV Chamber)♥ 30.06.2016 21:32

Beautiful Photo ~ Happy Birthday Ben and Mary.

Wishing you both Love and Success♥

Colleen♥ 30.06.2016 21:27

Happy, Happy Birthday to the Twins, I remember the day they were born!!

Such a Happy Day, I know you and Joe are so proud♥


James (New York) 30.06.2016 21:11

Happy Birthday to your Twins, Ben and Mary!

Hope they have a GREAT Day♥

MC ♥ 30.06.2016 20:59

Cynthia Jo, was great seeing you last night, Dennis and I were happy to help you out with the $500.00 Starbuck's Card. Now it's over, right?

Love you♥

Dennis (SF) 30.06.2016 18:14

Happy Birthday to your Twins Cindi!!

I, like Michael was happy that we could help you, was nice seeing you last night.

Love you too♥

Delores (WMAC)♥ 30.06.2016 18:10

Happy Birthday to Cindi's Twins Ben and Mary.

What a Wonderful Photo of all of you♥

Hope you have a Great Day!

MC ♥ 30.06.2016 18:08

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary Jeisme, please give them my Love Cynthia Jo.

Great seeing you last night, glad Dennis and I were able to help you.

Love you♥

Delores (WMAC)♥ 30.06.2016 17:06

Happy Birthday Ben and Mary♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 30.06.2016 16:56

Happy Birthday to your Wonderful Twins, Ben and Mary Jeisme♥

I know you are so proud of them Cindi, God Bless you all♥

Colleen♥ 29.06.2016 23:44

Dennis is sure handsome Cindi, any friend of Michael's is a friend of mine (lol)

See you Saturday, Love the Nashville Songs♥

Love you too♥

Colleen♥ 30.06.2016 00:55

Thanks Colleen!

Dorthea (CV Chamber) ♥ 29.06.2016 21:05

Love your Site Cindi, the music especially is my favorite.

Thanks for sharing with me.

CJM 29.06.2016 21:03

Thanks guys, see you at 6:30!!!!

Dennis (SF) 28.06.2016 23:38


Michael is correct, we will buy the $500.00 Starbuck's Card from you!

Nail Shoot this weekend at Ramzia's? Let me know.


Michael and Dennis♥ 29.06.2016 18:17

Cynthia Jo, we will see you tonight, with money in hand, $500.00 for Starbuck's Card.

We are owed a BIG HUG♥ Love you♥

CJM 29.06.2016 02:51

Thanks Dennis and Michael, I didn't know what in the world I was going to do with a $500.00 Starbuck's Card.

I appreciate♥

MC ♥ 28.06.2016 23:33

Cynthia Jo,

Dennis is going to pay for half of the Starbuck's Card, ok?

Don't worry♥

MC ♥ 28.06.2016 23:27

Cynthia Jo,


I will buy the $500.00 Starbuck's Card from you, ok?

Love you♥

James (New York) 28.06.2016 21:35

Love your eyes Cindi!

Love your site too.

Olivia (Brooklyn) 28.06.2016 02:54

Beautiful Site Cindi, LOVE ALL THE MUSIC♥

I Love coming to your site, makes me happy :)

♥♥♥♥ 24.06.2016 20:58


Nikki (CV Chamber)♥ 24.06.2016 20:03

Your website is Beautiful Cindi!


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