Love Doesn't Ask Why

MC ♥ 24.06.2016 16:53

I Agree Cynthia Jo,


Love you♥

Delores (WMAC)♥ 24.06.2016 16:52

Beautiful website Cindi♥

Thea 23.06.2016 19:48

You just brightened my day:)

Celina♥ 23.06.2016 18:49

What a Beautiful Site Cindi!


MC ♥ 23.06.2016 16:43

Cynthia Jo,

Popping in to say Good Morning and YOU ARE LOVED♥

Jeri (Maddie's Group)♥ 16.06.2016 23:56

Pray For Orlando♥

MC♥ 16.06.2016 19:45

Cynthia Jo,

Don't let ANOTHER Broken Heart get the best of you...............

Feel happy you had the experience, now, feel lucky that it's over!

♥ YOU♥

Joyce (Maddie's Group)♥ 15.06.2016 00:04

Pray For Orlando♥

Is it alright Cindi if I copy your graphic and share with my friends?

You are such a nice lady!!!

Thank you♥

Colleen♥ 14.06.2016 23:53

Pray For Orlando♥

James (New York) 14.06.2016 23:53


Bernice (Texas) Houston♥ 14.06.2016 23:33

Pray for Orlando♥

Kevin (James' Group) 14.06.2016 22:12

Pray For Orlando♥

Brenda Hernandez♥ (Texas) 14.06.2016 22:10


Julie♥ 14.06.2016 21:59

Pray For Orlando!!

Your Right Cindi, MORE LOVE, LESS HATE.


MC ♥ 14.06.2016 21:53

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks for posting!

You are such a caring, wonderful woman, love you♥


Marjorie (WMAC) Texas♥ 14.06.2016 21:52

Cindi, what a sweet, beautiful gesture, PRAY FOR ORLANDO♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 14.06.2016 21:48


Thanks for posting Cindi, this is so sad, wish we could all live in peace, that is my prayer.

Love you Cindi♥

MC ♥ 08.06.2016 01:52

Cynthia Jo,



Love you♥

Donna♥ 07.06.2016 20:41

Awesome Site Cindi!!

Thanks for your LOVE♥

Tiffany (CV Chamber)♥ 06.06.2016 03:29

Lovely website Dear Cindi!

Thanks for coming to our Meeting, your ideas are great!

Talk next week♥

Doreen (CV Chamber)♥ 03.06.2016 17:02

Your website is beautiful Cindi, thanks for sharing, nice meeting you!

I can't get over how beautiful you are for your age (lol).

You are AMAZING♥

♥♥ 01.06.2016 23:55


Carlos (Texas) 31.05.2016 17:11

Beautiful Cindi!

Been thinking about ya, hope you are doing ok

Pauline (Maddie's Group)♥ 30.05.2016 01:15

Your Site is very Beautiful Cindi!

Hope your day has been happy♥

♥♥♥♥ 29.05.2016 19:10


Dianna (WMAC) San Antonio♥ 22.05.2016 02:58

Cindi, so happy that I got to tour around your site, it's beautiful, I will be sharing with family and friends.

Can you add some songs for me? ♥

MC♥♥ 21.05.2016 23:43

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks again for second, third and fourth, etc. chances.

Friends for life, LOVE YOU♥

Joanie (WMAC) Houston 20.05.2016 16:27


MC♥♥ 20.05.2016 05:53

Thanks Cynthia Jo for the Second, Third, Fourth Chance!!!!!!

Love you♥

Marie (Maddie's Group) 20.05.2016 01:37

Photobucket acting up again Cindi, your site is missing lots of graphics :(

Hopefully it will be resolved soon

Hugs :)

Colleen♥ 19.05.2016 23:48

Cindi, your photos have disappeared again :(

What's up with Photobucket?

Love you♥

Jill (CV Chamber) ♥ 19.05.2016 16:29

Lovely site Cindi!

I am enjoying all the music, thanks for the share♥

Doreen (WMAC) Dallas 18.05.2016 00:09

Love your Site Cindi, it's Beautiful!!

Martha (WMAC) Dallas 16.05.2016 15:33

Your site is amazing Cindi, thanks for sharing!

Eddie referred me.

Colleen and Michael♥ 15.05.2016 22:17

Cindi, Thanks for meeting Michael and I at Doug's this morning.

I hope you and Michael have buried the hatchet and are friends again♥

Love you♥

Jamie♥ 12.05.2016 21:42

Love your website Cindi!

♥♥♥♥ 12.05.2016 20:37


Marie (Maddie's Group) 11.05.2016 22:45

Love your site, thank you for the share.

Roxanne (Texas)♥ 11.05.2016 20:45

Beautiful website Cindi!

♥♥♥♥ 11.05.2016 16:52


Darian (Maddie's Group) 11.05.2016 00:58

Cindi, your Beautiful Site is back to normal and as Beautiful as ever.

Mine still has some problems, hope they are working on it!

Love you♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 10.05.2016 20:57

Cindi, Please don't delete your Beautiful website, be patient with photobucket and see what happens, I will see what I can find out too?

Love you♥

Darian (Maddie's Group) 10.05.2016 20:09

My website is a mess too Cindi!

I'm like you, if not resolved I will be deleting my website, this is too tiresome, photobucket is always screwing up.

Jamie♥ 10.05.2016 18:31


My website is a mess as well!

Hope it gets resolved soon, thanks for the links to contact them.

Delores (Life and Love.Com) 10.05.2016 03:25

Cindi, Photobucket is a mess, my website has lost 90% of my Graphics, it's suppose to be fixed soon, hope your site will be alright.

:( makes me MAD!!!!

Marie (Maddie's Group) 09.05.2016 23:48

Cindi, FYI, some of your graphics are missing.

I know you use Photobucket and they are having a problem, just wanted you to know. Love you♥

Margie (Maddie's Group) 09.05.2016 21:27

Happy Belated Mother's Day Cindi!

Hope you had a wonderful day♥

Colleen♥ 09.05.2016 18:10

Cindi, Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

You sure deserve to be treated like a Queen on this day and all others.

Love you♥

Jonathan (San Fran Attorney) 08.05.2016 01:56

So Beautiful, YOU and your Site!

I think I'm in Love♥

Audrey♥ 07.05.2016 19:25

Beautiful Site♥

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