Love Doesn't Ask Why

Justine♥ 31.03.2016 00:55

Beautiful Site Cindi!

I will share with my associates, family and friends.

MC ♥ 30.03.2016 18:01

Did you see my ROSE for you?

Love you♥

MC ♥ 25.03.2016 21:22

Cynthia Jo,

You don't Cross My Mind, YOU LIVE IT IT♥


Jude (Maddie's Sunday Group) 25.03.2016 18:41

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the day with your family Cindi♥

MC ♥ 25.03.2016 18:15

Please Cynthia Jo, let's resolve our differences!!

Meet me today for lunch♥

Love you♥

MC♥ 25.03.2016 02:03

Be Mad Cynthia Jo, but don't ignore me, we've been friends far too long to act like kids :(

Isn't this your favorite things to say? Act like an adult?

MC ♥ 25.03.2016 00:51


Carol (WMAC)♥ 23.03.2016 17:37

Happy Easter Cindi to you and yours♥

Have a Blessed Day♥

MC ♥ 22.03.2016 23:30

Saw this statement Cynthia Jo, had to send to you.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal".

Love you♥

Julie (WMAC) Houston 22.03.2016 03:43

Beautiful website Cindi.

Happy Easter to you and yours, may you all be blessed.

Amber (WMAC) Dallas 21.03.2016 16:27

You site is Great Cindi!

Thanks for sharing♥

James (New York) 18.03.2016 19:02

Happy Easter Doll!!

Amanda (WMAC) 18.03.2016 16:01

Love your site Cindi!

Thanks for the share.

Alexandra (Dallas WMAC)♥ 15.03.2016 23:25


Kalya♥ 15.03.2016 23:15

Love all your Music that is on your website, BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Easter♥

Tabatha (New York)♥ 15.03.2016 15:53

Beautiful website Cindi!

Happy Easter♥

Cheryl Matthews 15.03.2016 05:19

Love your Videos Cindi!

Happy Summer, Happy Easter❤

Colleen♥ 15.03.2016 03:42


Stick with the PINKS and maybe some REDS, forget those ugly DARK Colors, they are not YOU!!

Love the Nail Photos, Michael knows what to do♥

Jane (Montreal) 15.03.2016 00:42


This is the best site on LOVE that I have seen, and believe me I look at lots of internet listings about love.

Thank for the share!

Texas Gentleman (Dallas) 14.03.2016 23:08

Happy Easter Doll!

Jill (CV Chamber) ♥ 14.03.2016 15:53

Lovely website Cindi, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU!!

Esther (CV Chamber)♥ 13.03.2016 19:33

Cindi,it was great meeting you at Bodi's, I looked at your website, it's Beautiful. You are more beautiful in person. Love everything! I will share. See you!

MC♥♥ 13.03.2016 06:13

Cynthia Jo,

Thanks for meeting me today, I know you had "BEN" things to do, I appreciate your love and friendship, I really needed a HUG♥

Love U♥

Natalia (WMAC)♥ (Dallas) 11.03.2016 21:31

Happy Easter Cindi!

Love your website, your Video's are Beautiful and so are you.

MC♥♥ 11.03.2016 05:30

Cynthia Jo,

A Phrase a friend sent me, thought it was appropriate for you since you need to let go of your friend, was the fight and years worth it?

Sometimes you just need to let go in order to know if it was worth the fight

MC ♥ 11.03.2016 01:13

See you tonight My Love♥

Sally (WMAC)♥ 10.03.2016 23:33

Your website is beautiful Cindi, I love it!

I will E-Mail you, I would like for you to add a couple of songs, if you can?

Happy Easter♥

Vanessa♥ 10.03.2016 19:01

Love your website Miss Cindi!

Happy Easter♥

Henry C. (Texas MAC) 10.03.2016 00:31

Hey Doll, are you doing alright? Been thinking about YOU!

Happy Easter♥

Dorothy (CVC) 09.03.2016 23:34

Happy Easter Sweet Cindi Lou!

Hope you are doing better, please take care of that heart of yours.

Talk soon.

Erlene♥ 09.03.2016 19:21

Happy Easter Sweetie, hope you have a blessed day with your family♥

Amber (WMAC) Dallas 08.03.2016 21:15

Cindi, your site is AWESOME, I LOVE IT!

Happy Easter to you as well♥

Bridget♥ 07.03.2016 17:56

Beautiful website Cindi!

Happy Easter♥

Paulina♥ 07.03.2016 03:32

Love your website Cindi, it's so beautiful.

You are very creative and talented. Easter Love♥

MC♥♥ 06.03.2016 23:41

Cynthia Jo, Nail Photos turned out so good, LOVE THEM ALL!

Love you more♥

Paula♥ 06.03.2016 18:53

Love your site Cindi!

Happy Easter♥

MC♥♥ 06.03.2016 01:52

Cynthia Jo, hope your friend likes the pic, sorry you don't like it :(

Hope you had a GREAT Spa Day♥ (Spa Envy, Love this place)♥

Love you♥

Jen❤ 05.03.2016 22:15

Love you website Cindi, BEAUTIFUL❤❤

Henry C. (Texas MAC) 05.03.2016 01:29

What a Beautiful website!

Cindi you are GORGEOUS!

Thank you for sharing your love and good wishes!

Amelia♥ 04.03.2016 23:49

Your site is so beautiful and I love the music!

Happy Love to YOU Cindi♥

Jamie♥ 04.03.2016 21:43

Great website! You are very creative Cindi and very pretty♥

Colleen♥ 04.03.2016 18:47

Beautiful Nail Shoot!

See you tomorrow♥

Erlene♥ 04.03.2016 16:15

Loving your site Cindi, it's so beautiful, fun and informative!

Thank you for sharing with me, it was great to meet you last night♥ Your Nails are AWESOME

MC♥♥ 04.03.2016 05:07

Amazing Evening!!!!

E-Mailed you the Pic and also posted it in your Guestbook♥

Almost looks like the other one but more Beautiful of a PINK♥

Love you♥

MC ♥ 04.03.2016 00:01

Cynthia Jo,

Did you pick up your Polish?

I know how you feel about BLACK Polish - YOU WON'T WEAR IT!!!!!

That's ok, the other colors are BEAUTIFUL!

Love you♥

MC ♥ 03.03.2016 00:17

Cynthia Jo, please don't be mad at me, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!

Love you♥

Allie 01.03.2016 18:35

Beautiful site!!

MC ♥ 01.03.2016 16:45

Cynthia Jo, Please say yes to Trust Fund Beauty!! I got you all set up♥

Talk to you later, Love you♥

MC♥ 29.02.2016 23:50

Cynthia Jo,

Did you get my text regarding your nails?

I like the way you showed your nails and the polish you used. Perfect for Polish Companies♥

Call me!!

Jamie♥ 29.02.2016 17:37

Love your site Cindi!

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