Love Doesn't Ask Why

Lisa Marie♥ 29.02.2016 05:38

Beautiful Website Cindi♥

Laralee M. 29.02.2016 02:18

Love your website Cindi, it's beautiful and the music and graphics are fabulous.

What a pretty woman you are!

MC♥♥ 29.02.2016 00:09

Cynthia Jo,

For YOU!!

Life`s simple.

You make choices and you don`t look back, SO MAKE SOME CHOICES NOW!

Love YOU♥

Gina (CV Chamber of Commerce) 29.02.2016 00:01

Cindi, Great to see you at the Nail Salon, YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL, hard to believe you just had a heart attack.


Please take care, love you♥

Jessup (James' Group) 28.02.2016 17:58

Your site is Awesome Cindi!!

Love your Video, your voice is very sweet, just like your photos♥

Smiles :)

Johnnie💕 28.02.2016 08:14

Beautiful Easter Friendship Video Cindi Dear💕

Ken Mann 28.02.2016 05:51

Very nice Cindi

Simone♥ 28.02.2016 05:04

Beautiful Gift of Friendship Video Cindi, you are so talented and so caring.

We all LOVE YOU♥

Jeremy (Fort Worth) 28.02.2016 03:31

Cindi, you look adorable in your Easter Hat, HAPPY EASTER!!


Grace (The Group)♥ 27.02.2016 03:41

Your site is charming Cindi!

MC♥♥ 27.02.2016 02:50

Cynthia Jo,

I'm not happy that Thomas contacted you!!!!!

MC♥ 26.02.2016 21:44

Cynthia Jo, heard about you being offered a photo shoot from an associate of mine, hope you said no, let me know?

Love you♥

Mandy (WMAC) Dallas 26.02.2016 16:26

Love your site Cindi, it's lovely!

Faith (WMAC) 25.02.2016 21:08

Beautiful Site Cindi!

Donna♥ 25.02.2016 16:49

Love your site Cindi, it's Beautiful!

I appreciate the share, I also love Spring and Summer♥

Linda 24.02.2016 17:45

Hello gorgeous, I just love your page and as you I adore the spring and summer as well.. Beautiful page you have here.. xoxoxoxooxox

Autumn 24.02.2016 17:12

Beautiful Site Cindi!

MC ♥ 24.02.2016 16:33

Good Morning Cynthia Jo, I took some great, romantic pictures in Carmel, I will send some of them to you, I think they would look great on your site!

Love you♥

Michael and Manuel♥ 24.02.2016 03:12

Cynthia Jo,

Did you receive your gift today, it's a thank you from Manuel and myself for all your posing/modeling.

We Love You♥

Madelynn 23.02.2016 21:56

Great Site Cindi!

I love receiving the love you offer all of us so freely, thank you♥

Eddie 23.02.2016 17:45

Cindi Girl, I'm back finally! It has been an exhausting trip. Will touch base with you later so we can meet up for dinner and get caught up.

Love you terribly♥

Darlene R. 22.02.2016 17:22

Love your website Cindi, it puts a smile on my face, thanks for sharing♥

MC ♥ 22.02.2016 16:49

Cynthia Jo, It was great seeing you and Jackie, it reminded me of the "good old days". Wish we were all still modeling!!

Love you♥

Alexandria ❤ 22.02.2016 03:53

Love your website Cindi!

MC♥♥ 21.02.2016 19:12

Cynthia Jo,

See you later Sweetie♥

Cathy 20.02.2016 04:23

Love the Love that you give so freely to everyone, thank you Cindi!

Beautiful website♥

John C. 19.02.2016 22:20

Cindi, look forward to our lunch today, meet you at 1:30 at Genghis Khan Kitchen.

Love ya

Lori (WMAC) Dallas 19.02.2016 21:16

Happy Summer to you too Cindi Dear!

Always love the things you put on your site with the changes of Holidays, your love is so comforting to all of us♥

Bridget 19.02.2016 16:38

Beautiful website Cindi, I'm enjoying looking around and especially listening to the music you have posted.

Jamie♥ 19.02.2016 01:15

Love your Summer Page Cindi, I love summer and am looking forward to going to the beach.

Hope you are feeling better!

MC ♥ 18.02.2016 19:53

Cynthia Jo, Every Summer has a Story, remember that Summer in Tahoe with all your Model Friends, those were fun times♥

Love you♥

Colleen♥ 18.02.2016 03:27

Hope your Anniversary was Beautiful Cindi, I also love Horatio's Restaurant, but kind of pricey, BUT YOUR WORTH IT!!!!! Tell Joe I said that!

Love you both♥

♥♥ 18.02.2016 00:23


Jonathan (New York) 17.02.2016 19:52

You have a BEAUTIFUL smile Cindi!

Love your site

MC ♥ 17.02.2016 19:20

Cynthia Jo,

Summer love

Midnight kisses

Shooting stars

Secret wishes (but they are not secret)

Love you♥

Celina 17.02.2016 16:40

Beautiful site Cindi!

Thanks for the share♥

MC ♥ 17.02.2016 16:28

Cynthia Jo, hope you and Joe enjoyed your Anniversary Dinner♥

I will see you later this evening, Love you♥

Beth❤ 17.02.2016 06:34

Happy Anniversary, can't believe its been 31 years since you walked down the aisle with your proud Dad, you looked simply beautiful.

Congrats to you and Joe❤

Gwen♥ 17.02.2016 05:19


Wishing you Love and Love and Love♥

Glenda (WMAC) 17.02.2016 00:57

Happy Anniversary, Beautiful then and more Beautiful now, you just get better girl!!

Happy Anniversary, Love and Happiness Always♥

MC ♥ 16.02.2016 23:43

Cynthia Jo, have fun tonight, at Horatio's?

Happy Anniversary to you and Joe♥

But remember I Love you too♥

Rita Sanders♥ 16.02.2016 23:40

Happy Anniversary, you were a Gorgeous Bride Cindi!!!

Happy Anniversary♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 16.02.2016 20:16

Happy Anniversary Cindi and Joe, 31 years, WOW!

Wishing you continued love and happiness♥

MC ♥ 16.02.2016 19:50

Happy Anniversary My Beautiful Cynthia Jo, 31 years, hard to believe it's been that long. Wishing you both many more years of happiness.

Love you♥

Kenneth♥ 16.02.2016 19:32

Happy Anniversary Sweetie ~ Joe is sure lucky - I'm sure you are too!

Wishing you more good years of Love♥

Bradley and Sue 16.02.2016 17:49

Happy Anniversary Cindi and Joe!

Amy♥ 16.02.2016 03:16

Lucky you Cindi, Happy Anniversary, 31 Years, that is quite an accomplishment.

The flowers are beautiful just like you, tell Joe he did good♥ Congrats♥

Maddie (New York)♥ 15.02.2016 22:18

Cindi and Joe, Happy Anniversary, what a cute couple you make♥

Congratulations on 31 years of Blissful LOVE♥

Jude 15.02.2016 20:35

Love your Summer Page Miss Cindi!

Happy Summertime♥

♥♥ 15.02.2016 17:01


You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching
Love like you'll never be hurt
Sing like there's nobody listening
And live like it's heaven on earth♥

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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