Love Doesn't Ask Why

Julie♥ 19.01.2016 16:48

Beautiful Wedding Picture of you Cindi, not much has changed, actually you are more beautiful as you age.

Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's Day♥

Mandie E. 19.01.2016 00:55

Such a Sweet Voice you have Cindi, Happy Valentine's Day!

MC ♥ 18.01.2016 23:51

Cynthia Jo,

"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear." -John Lennon

Love you♥

Juris (James Group) 18.01.2016 23:09

What a beautiful Bride you were Cindi, WOW!

Still beautiful, how do you stay so beautiful, wish my significant other looked like you!

Jimmy 18.01.2016 22:56

You are so Beautiful Cindi, sick or not sick, always thinking of you doll!

Love you♥

Colleen♥ 18.01.2016 17:53

Cindi, Yes, Shadow of Love is Beautiful, love your stance by the window.

Love you♥

Robert (SF) 18.01.2016 05:21

Shadow Of Love. BEAUTIFUL!

💗💗💗 18.01.2016 04:29


Carlos H. 17.01.2016 22:40

Such a Beauty you are Cindi, Happy Valentine's Day, will you be my Valentine? Love, Carlos

Marsha 16.01.2016 18:09

Love your site, love your page, beautiful!

Happy Valentines Day Cindi!

Robert (SF) 16.01.2016 02:48

Cindi, is it alright if Michael shows me "Shadow Of Love"?

Your site is AWESOME, you are quite the Beauty (but I already knew that).

Call me please

Cindi 16.01.2016 03:58

Robert, Thanks for the nice compliment, YES Michael can show you.

Talk soon, Hugs♥

Bobbie 15.01.2016 23:29

Lovely Page Cindi, Lovely YOU!

MC ♥ 15.01.2016 21:46

Cynthia Jo, your pic from several months ago "Shadow Of Love" is beautiful, you have long hair but the gal who added some long pieces to your hair, WAS PERFECT!

Cynthia Jo♥ 15.01.2016 22:20

I Love the way it turned out Michael, it's so Beautiful (if I say so myself)

I think I need to gain some weight (lol) Love ya♥

Johnnie♥ 15.01.2016 16:10

Beautiful Page!

Happy Valentine's Day Cindi♥

MC♥♥ 15.01.2016 03:40

Cynthia Jo, I'm so proud of you, I know it hurts but always know that your past was NEVER meant to be in your present or future.

You are loved♥and I am NOW♥

Joann and Eric (Dallas) 14.01.2016 20:37

Cindi, you have such a SWEET Voice, your site is very nice.

Happy Valentine's Day♥

MC ♥ 14.01.2016 20:18

Cynthia Jo, for you..

When love is not madness, it is not love♥

John H. 14.01.2016 00:38

You are amazing Cindi, really amazing!

Thanks for sharing Beautiful Lady.

James 13.01.2016 16:22


MC♥♥ 13.01.2016 05:14

Cynthia Jo, Will Power so hard to achieve, but you've done it, GOOD GIRL, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT, NOW STICK TO IT!!

Love you♥

Jeri (Maddie's Group)♥ 13.01.2016 03:58

Cindi, you have such a Sweet, Inviting, Comforting Voice, Very Fragile and Sexy.

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie♥

Margie (Maddie's Group) 13.01.2016 01:19


Great Valentine page, love you♥

June (Maddie's Group) 13.01.2016 00:57

Beautiful Valentine Page, love it! Sorry to hear about your heart attack, hope you are recovering well. Maddie and her Group have been saying prayers.

♥♥ 13.01.2016 00:19


True love stories never have endings....

Sherry 12.01.2016 01:56

Love your wedding photo Cindi! Nice website.

Kenneth♥ 12.01.2016 01:13

What a Beautiful Bride you made Cindi, still looking good Babe, still looking good, in fact you are BEAUTIFUL!

Jamie 11.01.2016 22:16

What a beautiful bride you were Cindi, and your still beautiful today, what's your secret?

Your Valentine page is very pretty.

Take care♥

Darian (Maddie's Group) 11.01.2016 22:10

Love your Valentine Page Miss Cindi!

Margie R. 11.01.2016 18:02

Beautiful Page Cindi, I LOVE IT!

Christina♥ 11.01.2016 16:34

Happy Heart Day Beautiful Cindi♥

Hope your doing better, have missed you at Bodi's.

Love your Valentine Page, Beautiful♥

MC♥♥ 11.01.2016 02:27

Perfect afternoon Cynthia Jo , thanks! Gloomy day and cold but your smile warmed things up. Love you, thanks for agreeing for more pics, you won't regret.

MC♥♥ 10.01.2016 18:31

Your Valentine Page turned out great Cindi, it's perfect, just like you. See you later at Bodi's, Love you♥

MC♥♥ 09.01.2016 20:45

Cynthia Jo,

I wear PINK Shirts too, you've seen them, and of course it's for you my LOVE♥

See you tomorrow at Bodi's♥

Jenn 09.01.2016 02:02


Hope you are feeling better, LOVE YOU♥

June (Maddie's Group) 07.01.2016 16:50

Happy New Year Cindi!

Feel better Sweetie and take care♥

AnnA G. 06.01.2016 23:51

Dear Cindi, hope you are doing a lot better by now, may this be a good year,starting with improving your health,take care my friend,love n blessings to U.

Jeri 06.01.2016 22:25

Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of Happiness and LOVE♥

Hope your doing well, take care and take your Meds!!

Yolanda G. 06.01.2016 21:21

Happy New Year Cindi! Hope your health is improving, please take care.

Love ya♥

Joanie (WMAC) Houston 06.01.2016 01:19

Happy New Year Cindi!

Please take care of yourself and be strong♥

Scott (MAC) (Love you♥) 05.01.2016 05:29

Happy New Year Dear Cindi, hope 2016 will be a great year for you. Please take care, we ALL need you. Did you hear Teddy Sold his SF home to a friend of yours♥

Colleen♥ 04.01.2016 20:21

Cindi, hope your doing better and will be back to your bouncy self soon.

Happy New Year, hope it's the best ever!

Carlos 04.01.2016 18:43

Happy New Year Doll!

22.12.2015 18:06

Sending Prayers♥

MC♥♥ 22.12.2015 18:06

Cynthia Jo,

Wanting you to know that I will always be here for you and will never betray your love as your "friend" did, he never deserved you! Love you♥

Olivia (Brooklyn) 22.12.2015 03:24

How can someone so beautiful be so ill, another Heart Attack, so sorry Miss Cindi, glad your doing better, heard it was a close call :(

Enjoy the Holidays♥

Rob (U.S.Steel) 22.12.2015 03:20


So sorry to hear about your heart attack but glad to hear you are home and getting better. My prayers are with you Merry Christmas♥

Arlene (Maddie's Group) 22.12.2015 03:18

Heard the bad news about your Heart Attack but so happy that things turned out well. Please take care.

Have a Peaceful and Happy Holiday Dear Cindi♥

Janice and Luke♥ 20.12.2015 21:45

Praise God your alright Cindi, Praise God!

Take care and know you are being thought of and loved dearly.

Merry Christmas♥

Jude♥ (WMAC) Dallas 20.12.2015 21:01

OH MY Cindi Dear, a Heart Attack, Michael just told me, take care and yes YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE GIFT OF LIFE, enjoy this Holiday with your family, love you♥

Johnnie♥ 20.12.2015 18:00

Prayers Sweetie♥

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