Love Doesn't Ask Why

Martha 07.09.2015 00:54

Love your new Video for Breast Cancer Awareness Cindi.

I'm sharing with Friends and Family, GLAD YOUR ALRIGHT♥

Sophea 03.09.2015 22:07

Survivors do Survive Cindi and you will too! Love you♥

Your Video is Beautiful and I Love the Song

Martha♥ 02.09.2015 16:58


Anna G. 01.09.2015 18:15

So glad to see you back online and doing things you love dear Cindi, happy for your good results my friend,much love to you!

Maddie♥ 01.09.2015 06:48

Cindi, Love your New Graphics on your Front Page, I know the last months + have been difficult, but finally Good News, YES YOU ARE INDEED A SURVIVOR♥

Jamie 31.08.2015 20:04

LOVE THE SURVIVOR SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer is in Heaven Praying For U♥ 31.08.2015 17:41

The song Survivors Survive is Beautiful Cindi and so is your Video. Hope all will be fine with you. Love and prayers, Love, Sylvia (Jennifer's Mom)

Arlene 31.08.2015 03:06

Love the Survivor Video Cindi, the song is GREAT!

Good Luck on all your tests♥

Eddie 24.08.2015 18:52

Love the curls Cindi Girl!!

Jessica 24.08.2015 18:39

Love your website!

MC 24.08.2015 17:35

Cynthia Jo, love this Pic of you, YOU ARE A BEAUTY♥♥

Nikki 24.08.2015 01:44

Beautiful Site Cindi!


Janice 21.08.2015 21:42

Very beautiful site Cindi, I'm really enjoying looking around.

Rorri 19.08.2015 18:59

Love your Site Cindi!!!!!!!

Marlen 18.08.2015 06:19

You sure are a PRETTY BIRTHDAY GIRL Cindi, wishing you love and happiness today and always, Love you. Love, Marlen

Anna G. 14.08.2015 12:53

Hey there my sweet Cindi,I haven't seen you around much lately,hope you're doing good,missing your presence my friend,hugs n kisses going your way.

James' (New York) 11.08.2015 01:40


Love, James'

Zoey 10.08.2015 17:12

Beautiful Site Cindi, thank you for the share.

Susan♥ 06.08.2015 17:34

Your site is Awesome Cindi!

I'm a friend of Night Spirit and the Millionaires Club, WELCOME♥

Sal 06.08.2015 01:11

Very nice Site Cindi, James suggested I take a look, glad I did.

Thank you.

Stefan 04.08.2015 21:48

Wonderful music for the most wonderful thing in this world-
Love - Hope that love could fill all our hearts, so this world
would be a better place.

JoLynn♥ 01.08.2015 19:16

Your Beautiful Site brings smiles and love to my heart, thanks Cindi!

Love, JoLynn

frank bryant 30.07.2015 03:24

this site make my day,love it

Eddie 04.07.2015 20:13

Cindi Girl, Michael sent me your Pastel Drawing, WHAT A BEAUTY!!!!!! He's going to send me a copy, hope you don't mind.

Love you Terribly, Happy 4th ♥

Brenden 04.07.2015 01:56

Beautiful Pastel Drawing of you Miss Cindi! You are always so lovely. Love to you.

Love, Brenden

Bobby W. 22.06.2015 04:06

Nice Site Cindi, love the music.

Vinnie 21.06.2015 04:06

Cindi, I think I'm in Love.

Marty 19.06.2015 22:13

Love your site, so colorful and full of love, thank you for the share.

Adrian 18.06.2015 22:39

Maddie gave me your site address, my Group will love your site, you should get lots more visits. Thanks for sharing with all of us Relationship Counselors♥

Michael C. 18.06.2015 21:10

Beautiful Cynthia Jo, BEAUITFUL!!

Love YOU♥

Robert S. 18.06.2015 20:33

Beautiful Page Cindi, HAPPY JULY 4Tth!!!!

Jared 18.06.2015 18:53

Happy 4th of July Pretty Lady, love your website, it brings love to me every time I read your words and look at your graphics. Thanks for the love.

Orlando R. 18.06.2015 01:20

Bonita Cindi!

Gracias Orlando

frank bryant 17.06.2015 16:17

you have a lovely page,u sure know how to do it

I like it much frant

Denny (James' Group) 17.06.2015 03:40

Sending good vibes to you Cindi, Love your site!

A Love From The PAST♥ 17.06.2015 01:34

I know you hear this all the time, but dam baby girl, you are awesomely beautiful and a heart of gold, YOU NEVER CHANGE! Too bad your married, HAPPY 4TH!

Cindi Morgan 17.06.2015 03:03

A Love from the past, who are you?

Jeremy 17.06.2015 00:51

Happy 4th my Lovely Friend, HAVE FUN!

Jake (James Group) 16.06.2015 23:46

Beautiful Page Cindi! Love all your Graphics, you are stunning!

Jen 16.06.2015 22:12

Love Fourth of July!

Jessica 16.06.2015 18:29

You are totally amazing Cindi, your creativity is AWESOME, THANKS FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL SITE.

James 16.06.2015 07:02

Beautiful Site, Beautiful YOU!

Marie 16.06.2015 06:19

I Love your page for 4th of July and Summer Cindi, not your colors for 4th of July but very appropriate. Look forward to seeing summer again on your page.

Colleen♥ 16.06.2015 04:37

4th of July and Summer, NOTHING BETTER!! Love this Page, Love YOU♥

Love, Colleen

Wasaf 15.06.2015 18:44

Beautiful website! :)

Cindi Morgan 15.06.2015 19:08

Thanks Sweetie, please feel free to share ~ Love & Hugs ♥♥

Aseret Maganda Lola 14.06.2015 07:56

Hi Cindi....Love what you've done here. Made me smile seeing all your summer siggy, glitters and animation. Absolutely adorable blog. Great job my dear friend!

Maddie (New York) 08.06.2015 04:55

Your Summer Page is Lovely Cindi! LOVE IT♥

Love you Cynthia♥ 20.04.2015 01:16

Beautiful website, so you Cynthia! Miss your smiling face, miss you!!

Kathy 14.04.2015 20:44

Love your website, very creative and inspiring, a lovely testament about Love, thank you Cindi. Love, Kathy♥

Gina Olsen 08.04.2015 21:44

Very beautiful page! <3

Herbie 03.04.2015 20:31

Beautiful website, love all the music!

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