Love Doesn't Ask Why

Jeri 30.03.2015 03:51

Your site is AMAZING Cindi, Maddie was right you are the LADY OF LOVE!!

Marlene 23.03.2015 23:16

Beautiful website Cindi.

Theresa Pattersn 17.03.2015 13:44

Love your page

Gramme Sue 16.03.2015 17:21

Love your site!

♥♥ 15.03.2015 01:30

Very Beautiful Miss Cindi xoxoxo

kerri 13.03.2015 02:20

Love your website hun. Amazing job. Hope this is your guest book. If not I'll find it xoxoxox

Alexandra 12.03.2015 20:13

Very Beautiful website Cindi, I love Spring.


Constance 09.03.2015 20:26

Cindi, you have the most Beautiful Smile. Love your photos and of course your site as well.

Adriane 09.03.2015 19:25

Very pretty!!

Johnnie 09.03.2015 16:26

Love your Spring Page Cindi!! Love you too xoxo

B. Asante 08.03.2015 01:30

Love, Love, Love your website! Awesome Sauce! ;)

♥♥ 06.03.2015 21:12


Coleen 06.03.2015 01:29

Love your Spring Page, so you!!!! Love you♥

Melinda 04.03.2015 01:45


Marie J. 03.03.2015 19:58

Love your Spring Page Cindi, Beautiful.

Michael Caldera 03.03.2015 19:13

Great Spring Page Cynthia Jo! Hats really become you, I actually remember this hat from a photo shoot 10 years ago, time sure does fly, Love, Michael♥

Mariam 03.03.2015 01:31

Spring is here and your page really makes me want to pick flowers in my garden. Thanks for the love.

♥♥ 02.03.2015 18:20

Simply Beautiful!

Henry C. 23.02.2015 23:59

Beautiful site, Beautiful Lady

Vangie Figueora 20.02.2015 03:31

Love all the pictures, love all the history, all the sayings, the beautiful colors and attention to details. Valentine's Day is my favorite day also!Thanks!

♥♥ 19.02.2015 22:19

Beautiful xoxoxo

Jude 12.02.2015 18:09

Beautiful site Cindi, your Valentine Page is awesome and your photos are beautiful, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Anniversary, Love, Jude

Riley 06.02.2015 22:10

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovely Friend.

From your Friend, Riley

Robert S. 06.02.2015 16:20

Happy Valentine's Day My Beautiful Friend, Love you, Love, Robert S.

Melinda 03.02.2015 01:22

Beautiful Page!!

Mandie♥ 02.02.2015 21:30

Love your Valentine Page Cindi, and your Wedding Photos are BEAUTIFUL, thank you for sharing. Love to you♥ Love, Mandie

Mani (James' Group) 01.02.2015 07:30

Love your Valentine Page Cindi, your site is so beautiful and so are you.

Love, Mani

Kitty 30.01.2015 07:20


Sexy Older Man 29.01.2015 21:07

Hope your not turned off by my photo. A friend turned me on to your site, you are a doll.

Janie 29.01.2015 19:59

Love your site Cindi and your Wedding Photos are so Beautiful.

Janie (Maddie's Group)

Jodie 26.01.2015 19:34

Love your Valentine Page, you were an AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!

Love, Jodie

26.01.2015 07:01

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

Michael 25.01.2015 08:21

Beautiful Page, Beautiful Cynthia Jo.

Love you My Sweet Friend, Love Michael

Dawn 20.01.2015 18:26

You are amazingly BEAUTIFUL Miss Cindi!

Greta 17.01.2015 04:04

Cindi what a beautiful Bride and Groom!!!!! You are still very beautiful.

Your love is so touching, thank you, Love Greta

Dawn G 15.01.2015 21:25

Happy New Year!

Carlos 13.01.2015 17:43

You are so Beautiful Cindi, WOW!!!!!!

Love, Carlos xoxo

Vicki 11.01.2015 20:57

Beautiful Site Cindi, Love, Vicki

♥♥♥ 09.01.2015 16:28

♥♥Love ya!!

Geri 07.01.2015 01:51

Such a Beautiful website Cindi and WOW you are stunning!

Love, Geri (James' Group) Congratulations on winning 2nd place, we all had our fingers crossed!!!!!!

♥♥♥ 07.01.2015 01:16

Happy New Year Dear Cindi, Love ♥♥♥

Arnie 03.01.2015 04:58

Happy New Year My Love, Love, Arnie

Jamie 09.12.2014 21:38

Love your Site Cindi, the Christmas Pages are AWESOME, Merry Christmas!

♥♥♥♥ 09.12.2014 01:58

♥♥♥♥ BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Marge 07.12.2014 18:55


Marilyn 06.12.2014 21:51

Very Beautiful Cindi, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Love, Marilyn

Danielle S. 06.12.2014 07:44

Cindi, your Christmas Pages are Beautiful, I have been traveling and just returned, sorry about "AFTER ALL", I know it hurts, talk soon, Danielle S.

CJM 06.12.2014 18:16

Thank God, AFTER ALL is becoming a distant memory of my past - talk soon, Love you Dani, Merry Christmas!

Evie 05.12.2014 04:23

Beautiful site, it's so YOU Cynthia, love it, Love, Evie

Bob Cross (U.S. Steel, Alameda) 03.12.2014 03:27

Such a Beautiful Website Cindi Lou and your Christmas Pages are Beautiful, miss our times together, Love to you today and always, your friend from the past♥

Geri 29.11.2014 08:08

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, your Xmas page is AWESOME, Love, Geri

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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