Love Doesn't Ask Why

Amanda 29.11.2014 04:52

Love your Christmas Page, it's BEAUTIFUL, I'm getting in the spirit, thanks for the LOVE Cindi, Love Amanda

Robbie 28.11.2014 22:58

Wow your Page is so Super Pretty Cindi I Love it~!! Hugs and Love and Happy Holidays My Sweet Friend XOXOXO Robbie

Cindi Morgan 29.11.2014 02:15

Robbie - take a look at this page too............Love & Hugs ♥♥

Cindi Morgan 29.11.2014 01:58

Robbie Dear, thank you so much for your nice comment. Christmas is my favorite time of the year - love to you always ~ Love, Cindi ~ ♥ ~

Armando 25.11.2014 20:44

This page is awesome Cindi, good to be back, and as I told you I FOUND LOVE AGAIN, Love, Armando

Peter 25.11.2014 00:44

Beautiful Page Cindi and beautiful website, Love, Peter

Karen Jenkins 24.11.2014 17:57

Love your website and I love your Xmas pages, your Christmas Tree is beautiful!!

Have a Merry Christmas Dear Cindi, Love Karen

Deanna 17.11.2014 17:39

So beautiful Cindi, your website and Christmas pages are WOW!! Thanks for sharing. Love, Deanna

Marsha 17.11.2014 04:47

What a beautiful website Cindi, your Christmas Pages are so beautiful, I'm a friend of Michael's, he's right YOU ARE AWESOME!! Love, Marsha

Jeb Jones 17.11.2014 04:01

This is beautiful Cindi! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!! Jeb

Julianne 16.11.2014 00:11

Very pretty Christmas Page. Your site is one of the best sites I've seen on the Internet about Love, their are many others on the web. I will be sharing♥

Anna G. 15.11.2014 18:47

Hello my dear Cindi,your Christmas page is SO enchanting,just like you ^_^!! Happy weekend,xoxoxo I love U!

Amber 15.11.2014 00:44

Love your website, and your Christmas page is so beautiful. Thanks for the share, Love, Amber (Michael's Friend)

Jackie 14.11.2014 18:14

Beautiful Page Cindi!!

Dottie 14.11.2014 06:22

Such a Beautiful page Cindi, really makes me get in the Christmas Spirit, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Love, Dottie

Brittany 14.11.2014 00:06

Your site is beautiful, Brittany.

Rick and Colleen 13.11.2014 05:18

Cindi, Rick and I love your Christmas Page, very YOU and very BEAUTIFUL. We love you, see you maybe on Saturday. Michael is taking our Xmas Photo next Sunday♥

Justin 12.11.2014 23:24

So pretty Cindi, I love all your pictures, you are a beautiful woman and your website is beautiful too.

Pannu 12.11.2014 20:31

Love your Christmas Page Cindi, Love, Pannu

Michael 12.11.2014 06:12

Cynthia Jo, love this background so much better and also some of the changes you made , NOW THIS IS YOU MY LOVE. Talk tomorrow, Love, Michael

Teddy and Marilyn 12.11.2014 04:34

What a great job you did on your Xmas Page Dear Cindi, Love, Teddy and Marilyn, see you next month♥

Merry Christmas 12.11.2014 03:10

Stunning Christmas Page, love it and will share with family and friends.

Michael Caldera 11.11.2014 03:09

Cynthia Jo, My Love, your Christmas Page is Wonderful, it's YOU and I like the background, where's your Pink? See you Wednesday, Hugs, Michael

Bobbie 10.11.2014 20:57

Beautiful Cindi, as always, Love, Bobbie

tim emert 10.11.2014 18:38

Great Christmas Page hope all is well, never far from my heart

Cathy (Wards Pacesitter) 10.11.2014 00:17

Cindi, your entire site is awesome but this Christmas Page is EXTRA AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL, THANKS FOR THE LOVE, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Love, Cathy (Wards)

Chey 09.11.2014 18:19


Arleen 08.11.2014 21:59

Love this page, Merry Christmas, Love Arleen

A Friend 08.11.2014 18:30

Love this page, the colors are nice and all the words are very meaningful♥

Michael 07.11.2014 04:33

Cynthia Jo, we need to do a photo shoot for Christmas, what do you think? Let me know, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, hope Joe has fun on his trip.

Corrine 30.10.2014 00:40

Beautiful Picture of you Cindi, beautiful hair, but you always have had hair to die for!! Love Corrine

James 29.10.2014 22:33

YOU ARE AMAZING CINDI ROO!!!! Love you, Love, James

Ready for the SPOILING??? 28.10.2014 06:14

Love your hair Cindi, Michael really caught your essence in this photo, free, and ready for NEW BEGINNINGS, you deserve some best friends that will spoil you.

Darlene 27.10.2014 19:32

Nice SENTIMENT Cindi, NEW BEGINNINGS, good for all of us, especially since 2015 is around the corner, thanks for posting. Love, Darlene

Eddie 27.10.2014 03:46

Loving the Picture!! Great job Michael.

Love you terribly, Eddie

Ernie 27.10.2014 03:02

Beautiful, Love the Picture!

27.10.2014 00:13

Love your photo, love hair that flows♥

Love 26.10.2014 17:51

Beautiful site, beautiful page, beautiful YOU, beautiful hair. Love

A Friend xo 26.10.2014 03:47

Love the new picture, your hair is so beautiful, would love to run my fingers through that dark, dark hair of yours, NEW BEGINNINGS , I look forward to that. xo

Robert Sanchez (US Steel) 26.10.2014 00:38

Love your New Beginnings Posting and your hair is and always has been awesome, YOU SEXY WOMAN YOU, Love Robert

Colleen 24.10.2014 23:35

New Beginnings, love it as well as the pic!!

Love, Colleen

♥♥♥♥ 24.10.2014 21:47

New Beginnings, Beautiful Cindi and the picture is Gorgeous!!!!!

Michael 24.10.2014 19:55

Cynthia Jo, I approve of how you incorporated your lovely photo (do you like it) into the front page of your website, the words are so true, Love YOU

Bertha The Witch 23.10.2014 21:10

Cindi, I forgot to tell you that I think your site is awesome.

Thanks Bertha (BERTHA THE WITCH)

frank bryant 13.10.2014 22:10

i think it is wow,i love it.

Mari 11.09.2014 02:37

This is a great front page Cindi , I love Moonlight Sonata, perfect for your site. If I was one of the Judges YOU WOULD WIN, HANDS DOWN. Love you, Love Mari

Judy Simmons 10.09.2014 21:11

Love the new song on your page, Moonlight Sonata has always been a favorite Classical of mine, Beautiful Cindi, Love, Judy xoxoxo

Robert 07.09.2014 22:23

Your Site is Beautiful Cindi, I can tell that lots of work and thought went into creating your site, LOVE YOU ALWAYS, Robert (see you soon My Love)

Олег 01.09.2014 23:22

Beautiful, Beautiful Cindi.


Jerry 31.08.2014 04:11

As always a pinkalicious page :)

Love Happens 16.08.2014 00:51

Beautiful Site, beautifully put together section about Love Affairs.

All I can say is that it can happen to anyone, even if you swear it won't.

Scott 14.08.2014 20:00

Hi Cindi, long time no talk, hope you are well!

Love this new section, very controversial but a NEED to read section. Love you, Love, Scott

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