Love Doesn't Ask Why

This could happen to anyone 13.08.2014 06:57

Thanks Cindi for posting a clip of the movie UNFAITHFUL, it's a reminder that affairs can end very tragically.

I have seen this movie many times and wondered?

Herman Garcia 13.08.2014 04:25

Great subject, this is a very HOT topic because it is so prevalent among men and women today.

I know this first hand (almost ruined my marriage) Love, Herman

Emee 12.08.2014 03:12

Lovely site Cindi, Love the graphics and the music. Love, Emee

Millie 02.08.2014 17:40

Your site about love is one of the most beautiful sites I have run across.

The music you have chosen is beautiful and your graphics are lovely. Millie

Amanda 30.07.2014 03:12

So Beautiful Cindi, Love your website.

Love, Amanda

Colleen Weston 22.06.2014 01:03

Cindi, nice 4th of July Graphics! As always BEAUTIFUL!

Love, Colleen

Amber'B ♥ 20.06.2014 19:49

iFeel the love, I was feeling pretty down, but coming here gets me uplifted! ! hehe <3 Beautiful page && the music is soo calming ♥ !

Ardina 19.06.2014 00:27

Beautiful Website Cindi! Love, Ardina

Marjorie 16.06.2014 20:57

Love your site Cindi, so BEAUTIFUL!

Love, Marjorie

Michael Caldera 15.06.2014 19:40

Cynthia Jo, I'm so impressed with your site, GOOD JOB!

Love YOU, Michael

Cindi's All About Love 16.06.2014 04:16

Thanks Michael Dear, your compliments mean a lot to me, so glad we are back in each others life, nice to have a male friend, Love, Cynthia Jo

# 326 10.06.2014 01:09

Spend a lot of time on your site, Have some learning to do.

Cindi's All About Love 13.06.2014 05:04


Michael Caldera 03.06.2014 05:10

Your Site Cynthia Jo is almost as BEAUTIFUL AS YOU!! Hope you like your Drawing with the Butterflies, AS ALWAYS YOUR A GREAT SUBJECT.

Love you, Michael

Janet 16.05.2014 02:42

Love your site, beautiful, I will use the word that so many people that I have spoke to in my Group have said about you, A KIND AND SWEET WOMAN WHO CARES....Jan

Stephanie 10.05.2014 18:56

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!


Joyce 10.05.2014 00:27

Nice website Cindi, thanks for the share, regards, Joyce

Texas Boys 08.05.2014 03:02

Happy Mother's Day Dear Cindi Girl, LOVE YOU!

Love, The Texas Boys

Cathi Branham 23.04.2014 01:47

Beautiful graphics & lovely site. What a happy place to visit. Thank you.

James (New York) 23.04.2014 01:13

I agree with Maddie, Cindi, love your Summer Graphics.

Love James

Maddie 23.04.2014 01:04

Cindi, Love your new Summer Graphics.

Love, Maddie

Jonathan 17.04.2014 09:21

It always makes my day when I see you Cindi my love! I so don't live up to the compliments you give me, but it always encourages me and makes me smile! luv ya!

Tara 02.04.2014 19:13

Beautiful website Cindi, I Love all the Songs and Videos., Love, Tara

Vena 06.03.2014 04:06

What a special website thank you so much for sharing
It with me!!!

Josie 24.02.2014 20:49

Love your website Cindi, thanks for letting me share, regards, Josie

Laura 22.02.2014 04:01

I love it Cindy. It is very uplifting and lovely!

Cathi 20.02.2014 20:29

What an absolutely Beautiful website, Cindy.

Danielle 20.02.2014 01:45

Cindi, we need to talk, call me, love your site, so beautiful, good enough to be a book.

Love, Danielle

Jerome 19.02.2014 05:28

Hey Cindi Lou, how you be?

Thinking of you with Love and loving your site!

Love, as always, Jerome

Brenda 19.02.2014 01:03

Enjoying your site Cindi, the Songs and Videos always make me smile.

Love, Brenda

Eddie 16.02.2014 09:28

Cindi Girl, what a Beautiful Video for Joe and your Wedding Anniversary, he is such a lucky man, I'm next in line, Love you, Eddie

scott 15.02.2014 00:49

What a great site and you also look great!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Greg & Lorraine Morrison 06.02.2014 03:35

Your site is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL CINDI, Love, Greg and Lorraine

Jackie 03.02.2014 17:26

Cindi, really love this section! You could have been the model, kind of like the old days, huh? You could have done wonders with your modeling career?

Love the Love 02.02.2014 02:14

Keep looking at these Videos and thinking of people in Love, I'm in Love but it's not given to me in return, BUT I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS MISS CINDI!

Jamie 02.02.2014 00:12

Yummy, these Videos are FABULOUS Cindi, this ought to get my Better Half's Blood Boiling, Thanks for creating this section, Love Jamie

Love and Kisses 01.02.2014 07:18

This is Delicious Cindi, love the videos and music, THIS IS WHAT I CALL LOVE.

Diedra Sandoval 01.02.2014 05:08

Cindi, your site is AMAZING, never seen a site like yours before, so full of LOVE, Thanks, Diedra

Carlos 01.02.2014 00:35

Cindi, you outdid yourself, this section is BEAUTIFUL and so very sexy, reminds me of you, Love Carlos

SCOTT 01.02.2014 00:18


Texas Boys 29.01.2014 16:49

Us Texas Boys are together right now having Coffee listening to some of your songs, wish you were here, Love You, by the way we love bugging you.

Donna 29.01.2014 05:01

Cindi, Your site is very lovely, the music and graphics are BEAUTIFUL, I appreciate you allowing me to copy and share with my friends.

Carol Corvi 20.01.2014 23:43

Cindi, your site is so beautiful I was happy when I spoke to Pat and she gave me your contact info, let's get together, you are still Lovely, Love, Carol Corvi

Eddie 17.01.2014 00:01

Your Wedding Picture is Beautiful Cindi Girl! Love you, Eddie

Hope to see you over the weekend.

Ms. Piggie 16.01.2014 01:21

Cindi, your site is lovely and beautiful, I love your Sweet Voice, so Fragile and Sexy, YOU GO GIRL, Love, Miss Piggie

Robert 15.01.2014 17:43

Beautiful Site Cindi! Love, Robert

Yvonne 12.01.2014 05:09

Cinid, your site is AWESOME, I love it! Thanks for sharing, Yvonne

Vangie Figalina 09.01.2014 06:06

Beautiful Cindi, just like you. Love, Vangie

Anna G. 06.01.2014 22:28

Happy New year Dear Cindi! sending love your way,here visiting and enjoying your site,xoxo!!

Jerome 02.01.2014 22:05

Happy New Year, Jerome and Friends

Julie Ann 02.01.2014 16:56

Beautiful site about Love, I'm still touring around and hope to listen to some of the songs today while relaxing, Happy New Year, Love, Julie Ann

James 30.12.2013 17:51

Happy New Year Sweet Cindi, Love James

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