Love Doesn't Ask Why

MC♥ 03.04.2018 21:57

Cynthia Jo,

I'm back in San Francisco!

Had a great time, wish you could have gone with me, I have a gift for you.

Paris cologne's are so wonderful, love you♥

MC♥ 23.03.2018 15:07

Cynthia Jo:

Lunch today?

Will Miss YOU!!!!!

Love you♥

Carol♥ 22.03.2018 18:19


Have a good trip to Michigan and congrats to YOU and JOE, and of course, and especially to Mary Jeisme (or should I say Dr. Mary Morgan Rogawski)?


♥♥♥♥ 22.03.2018 14:42


Colleen♥ 21.03.2018 20:20


Have fun visiting Mary and Dave in Michigan, Congratulations to Mary on her PHD, you and Joe must be so proud.

You have such smart children

love you♥

Nicole (SF) 14.03.2018 20:12

Love your site Cindi, you are lovely!!

Thanks for sharing with me and Mom

Colleen (♥♥♥♥) 14.03.2018 20:07


I knew Joe would be bored being retired!!! (lol)

Hope it gets that new job he wants♥

Love you both♥

♥♥Love YOU♥♥ 14.03.2018 16:58


Douglas (Michael's Friend) 14.03.2018 16:36

You are a BEAUTIFUL Woman Cindi!!!!!

Colleen♥ 14.03.2018 16:22

Dr. and Dr. Mary and Dave Rogawski


Colleen (Livermore)♥ 14.03.2018 15:41

Cindi and Joe:

Congratulations on Mary's upcoming PHD Ceremony, and Dave's MD Ceremony. You both must be so proud.

Send me photos, love you all♥

Dennis (SF) 13.03.2018 14:54

Hey Doll, how are you?

Talk to you soon.

Dina (SF) 07.03.2018 00:43

Your website is Beautiful Cindi!

Love all the graphics and music and you are lovely.

MC♥♥ 05.03.2018 17:41

Cynthia Jo,

Tell Joe to have a SAFE TRIP!

See you on Saturday♥

Love you♥

MC♥♥ 05.03.2018 16:01

Great seeing you at Bodi's Cynthia Jo, LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

Love you♥

MC♥ 28.02.2018 19:35

Cynthia Jo,

How are you feeling?

Maybe we can get together this weekend for lunch?

Love you♥

♥♥ Love YOU ♥♥ 21.02.2018 18:00


MC♥♥ 20.02.2018 20:59


You even treated!!!

Love you♥

Janice (Alameda) 19.02.2018 18:11

Love your new photos Cindi, BEAUTIFUL!

Congrats on your Win and Congrats to Mary on her PHD and of course Ben on getting married.

Exciting times ♥

Colleen♥ 19.02.2018 17:27


I'm so happy and proud of Mary J. You said she officially gets her PHD on March 26th...WOW she is AMAZING.

Dr. and Dr. Dave and Mary Rogawski♥♥


MC♥♥ 17.02.2018 18:48

Cynthia Jo,

Hope you had a Great Anniversary!

Have fun with Joe tonight at the Comedy Club and Horatio's for Dinner.

Love you, see you Monday♥

Marge (Alameda) 16.02.2018 23:22

So happy for you and Joe, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Smiles, Hugs, Love and Prosperity Always♥

Dina (Alameda) 16.02.2018 22:32

Happy Anniversary Cindi and Joe.

Love you both, 33 years, what an accomplishment in these days of divorces and 2nd and 3rd marriages.


Amber (Alameda) 16.02.2018 22:21

Happy Anniversary to a fabulous couple, Cindi and Joe, what a great day that was, 33 years ago.

Your an amazing pair♥

Love you both.

Docia (Alameda)♥ 16.02.2018 19:53

Happy Anniversary Cindi and Joe!

You were Beautiful then and even more Beautiful today, you are ageless!!

I loved being one of your Brides-Maids.


Kenneth 16.02.2018 16:04

Cindi and Joe,


Hope you have a great day and weekend/

Thinking about you both♥

Jen♥ 16.02.2018 15:50

Happy Anniversary!!

You and Joe make the cutest couple.

33 years WOW!!!!!!!!

Love you both♥

Dina♥ 16.02.2018 04:10

Happy Anniversary Cindi and Joe, 33 years what a LOVE Story.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday, BEAUTIFUL!

Have fun Saturday Night, Kisses and LOVE♥

Colleen♥ 14.02.2018 17:10

Happy Valentines Day Cindi!

Happy "almost" Wedding Anniversary to you and Joe♥

33 years WOW!!!!

Love you both♥

MC♥♥ 14.02.2018 16:45

Happy Valentine's Day Beautiful Cynthia Jo♥

Love you♥

Colleen♥ 13.02.2018 06:14


Hope you are doing ok? I worry so!!

I noticed that some of your Sections are still having some problems, can I help?

Let me know, Love YOU♥

♥♥♥LOVE YOU♥♥♥ 13.02.2018 03:25


Doug (SFPD - Retired) 13.02.2018 02:24

Love the New Photos Dear Cindi, you are a Beauty!!

MaryLyn (GA) 12.02.2018 15:55

Beautiful Website!!

Love your photos♥

MC♥ 09.02.2018 22:47

Thanks for lunch Cynthia Jo!

Love you♥

Janet (CV) 08.02.2018 18:49

Love your New Photos Cindi.

Lets get together soon, I miss you!

♥♥♥ 07.02.2018 17:13

♥♥Love You♥♥

Jamie (Maddie's Sunday Group) 07.02.2018 16:25

Congrats on your Win Cindi!!!


Maddie (New York)♥ 05.02.2018 23:35

Congrats Cindi!

I knew you would Win, THIRD TIME IS A CHARM♥

Darlene 05.02.2018 23:30

Love the LOVE♥

Rita (SF) 05.02.2018 23:29

Lovely photos of you Cindi, hope you are feeling better.

Smiles and Hugs♥

Midge (WMAC) Houston♥ 05.02.2018 04:25

Beautiful Photos of you Cindi, LOVE THEM ALL!

Happy New Year♥

MC♥♥ 05.02.2018 03:35

Cynthia Jo,

Time to tell your old friend what's wrong?

Why won't you talk to me?

I Love YOU♥

♥♥Love YOU♥♥ 02.02.2018 23:31


Kenneth 31.01.2018 16:53

Congratulations Cindi on another Win, you are definitely ONE OF A KIND AND BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING!!

Hope to see you soon.

Jude (Maddie's Group) 31.01.2018 16:24

Congrats on your SO DESERVED WIN Miss Cindi!!!

Smiles :)

Marie (James' Group) 30.01.2018 18:48

Congratulations Cindi!

Jeremy (James' Group) 30.01.2018 17:47

Congrats on your WIN Again!!!!


♥♥ Love YOU ♥♥ 30.01.2018 00:18


Aline (SF) 29.01.2018 21:12

Beautiful Website!

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