Love Doesn't Ask Why

Bradley 05.06.2015 00:24

I agree Cindi, thanks for the share.

Greg Summerfield 04.06.2015 22:16

Hey Cindi, I agree with what you say, NEVER SETTLE, UNFORTUNATELY I DID AND HAVE SETTLED, shame on me!

Julie M. 04.06.2015 19:19

I agree Cindi, NEVER SETTLE!

CARLOS WHO LOVES YOU♥ 03.06.2015 23:24

I agree ~ DON'T EVER SETTLE!!!!!!!!!

Marsey 03.06.2015 07:15

Don't Settle, I remember my Mother telling me those exact words Cindi. I never did settle and that's alright because love has finally found me.

Julian 02.06.2015 20:56

Great Page, Great Topic, I've had my share of SETTLING, BUT NO MORE!

Melissa 01.06.2015 19:30

So true Cindi, through recent years I no longer settle, every time I do, I get my heart broken. Thanks for always knowing what to say in your website.

Jerry (Michael's 'Friend) 01.06.2015 04:04

Cindi, I agree with you, DON'T EVER SETTLE, that's probably why I'm still Single. Any more like you around? Love, Jerry

Robert S. 30.05.2015 01:06

I totally agree with you Cindi, DON'T EVER SETTLE, EVER!!

Melissa 29.05.2015 23:48

Nice page and so true, reading comments people have made, I too unfortunately have made several mistakes in my life with relationships. NOW I NEVER SETTLE.

Texas Gal in Waiting 29.05.2015 22:16

Wonderful Page Cindi, I USED TO SETTLE, BUT NO MORE!

Still waiting for my Prince Charming♥

Julie (Maddie's Grpup) 29.05.2015 20:07

Such a great page Cindi, NEVER SETTLE and I never have!!! GO GIRL♥

Joanie 29.05.2015 19:49

This is right on Cindi, NEVER SETTLE, my Mother used to always tell me that, unfortunately I SETTLED two times and was so unhappy, I'm still learning.

James (New York) 29.05.2015 17:30

Cindi, Maddie said I needed to look at this new page, I love it. I think you missed your calling, you should have been a Relationship Counselor. Love James

Colleen 29.05.2015 07:12

Another Beautiful Page Cindi, this is so true, we should never just settle.

Too many of us (men and women) just settle and then become unhappy :(

Maddie (New York) 29.05.2015 04:52

Another New Section, great subject Cindi! No man or woman should ever settle, I AGREE! Love, Maddie

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