Love Doesn't Ask Why


♥♥ Stand By Me ♥♥

By:  Shayne Ward

{I just found this song on I-Tunes ~ I LOVE IT}

Nothing’s impossible

Nothing’s unreachable

When I am weary

You make me stronger

This love is beautiful

So unforgettable

I feel no winter cold

When we’re together

When we’re together

Will you Stand by Me?

Hold on and never let me go

Will you Stand by Me?

With you I know I belong

When the story gets told

When day turns into night

I look into your eyes

I see my future now

All the world and its wonder

This love won't fade away

And through the hardest days

I’ll never question us

You are the reason

My only reason

Hold on and never let me go

Will you Stand by Me?

With you I know I belong

When the story gets told

I am blessed

To find what I need

In a world loosing hope

You’re my only believe

You make things right

Everytime after time

Will you Stand by Me?

(Stand, Stand by Me)

Hold on and never let me go

Will you Stand 

Stand by Me?

Will I be a part of your life

When the story gets told

Stand by Me

Stand by Me

Won't You Stand 

Stand By Me

Stand By Me

No more Darling I want you by my side

Till Your


Jude (Maddie's Group) 01.07.2015 18:39

I'm very familiar with Shayne's Music, love the way he sings and this song is outstanding, love it, please put more of his music on your site. Love ya♥

Marlie 01.07.2015 07:07

Great Song, you need to listen to some of his other songs and put them on your Beautiful website, LOVE HIS VOICE♥ Your Creativity is FABULOUS!

Jessica 30.06.2015 20:07

Thanks for the share, nice song, never heard of him before but I like the way he sings, really love the song. Happy Birthday to the Twins, Miss all of you!! ♥

Colleen 30.06.2015 19:56

Cindi, really like this song ~ never heard of this Artist but I will Google him to find more of his songs, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TWINS, #27, WOW♥♥

James' (New York) 30.06.2015 07:05

Like Maddie, thanks for the share, love seeing your new additions to your Beautiful website. Shayne has a beautiful voice and this song is excellent!

Maddie (New York) 30.06.2015 04:35

Cindi, thanks for texting me this new Video, it's beautiful and I love his voice, just googled him, Shayne has lots of beautiful songs, put more on your site?

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