Love Doesn't Ask Why

MC♥♥ 12.08.2016 03:41

Have you decided yet, Cynthia Jo, Maui or NO???

See, I told you that your friend would not see my comment, too bad, his failure is my success♥

Carlos (Texas) 12.08.2016 00:52

You are indeed AMAZING!!

♥♥♥♥ 11.08.2016 21:03


Jake (Houston MAC) 11.08.2016 16:35


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Happy Birthday Love♥

Julie (WMAC) Houston 11.08.2016 06:13

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Eat, Drink and be Merry.

Ivy (CV Chamber)♥ 11.08.2016 03:04

Such a beautiful website Cindi, IT'S SO YOU♥♥

MC♥♥ 11.08.2016 02:56

This is a test to see if your Friend will read this.

If you ever cared for Cynthia Jo, have the courtesy to at least call her and say goodbye! She is broken!!

♥♥♥♥ 10.08.2016 23:57


James (New York) 10.08.2016 19:33



Patsy (X-Wards)♥ 27.06.2016 04:27

Thanks Cindi for creating such a Beautiful website about LOVE♥

You were always a Romantic and a Dreamer, lucky for ALL OF US, you still are!

Smiles and Hugs :

Delores (WMAC)♥ 23.06.2016 17:45


Love your Site Cindi♥

Scott 30.09.2013 19:58

You are AWESOME Cindi and very loved!

Love you Dearly, Scott

Maddie (new York) 30.09.2013 03:35

Thanks for your Beautiful website!

Love, Maddie

andrew ward 06.06.2013 23:46

thank you for being there for me Cindi because I really value our friendship and you have been like a mom to me and I love you with all my <3 sweetie x Andrew

Lexi ~ Owner of Beaded Jewels 05.06.2013 18:54

Cindi dear this is a beautiful viedo and your voice is precious. You are right when you say Love is the most important thing. To love and to be loved...xoxoxoxo

Anna G. 05.06.2013 07:38

lovely video dear Cindi, you have a sweet voice dear,xoxo!

blaxican 05.06.2013 07:25

u are too cute cindi xoxo

andrew ward 05.06.2013 00:09

thank you for being there for me cindi x

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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Are you alive?

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