Love Doesn't Ask Why

JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY AGAIN 09.08.2014 06:04

Love Affairs may be wrong, who's to say, but they are exciting, I know because I had an affair and we fell in love, AN IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION :(

Yes I had an Affair :( 09.08.2014 02:43

This is GREAT!!!! We all have Affairs, don't we, it's human nature!

Josie 09.08.2014 01:02

What a great topic Cindi, I see you are getting many comments, it is a EVERYDAY OCCURENCE unfortunately, thanks for sharing, Love, Josie

Robert C. 08.08.2014 21:28

This is a very good section Cindi, lots of people, unfortunately, like me have had Love Affairs. Keep up the good work, you are the best!! Love Robert

Darlene 08.08.2014 03:23

A GREAT Topic Cindi, thanks for posting in your beautiful website, you are right-on in all your comments. I will watch the movie tonight, Love Darlene♥

Colleen Weston 08.08.2014 01:38

Watched the movie Cindi, thanks for posting the link and creating this wonderful page about this very controversial subject, Love Colleen.

See you for your BD!

Jude (New York) 08.08.2014 01:12

This topic is catching a lot of attention, thanks for creating this Cindi, we talk about things like this in our Group Sessions, Love, Jude

Everyone has affairs even me :( 08.08.2014 01:09

Cindi, thanks for posting the link to watch the movie Unfaithful, will watch tonight. My opinion is, everyone has affairs at one time or another :(

Sad but so TRUE 08.08.2014 00:35

I have read this section more than two times + and find it very true and a little heart wrenching, why because I've been there, almost broke my family apart.

LOVE AND LUST, I have been there 07.08.2014 21:43

Can't believe my SWEET Friend created this, it's a great topic, I'm so glad you did this, we all need to read because WE ALL have been guilty of LOVE/LUST :(

Jeremy 07.08.2014 20:43

Such an interesting topic Cindi, I think at one time of another we all have either had affairs or LUSTED AFTER SOMEONE, I KNOW I HAVE. Regards, Jeremy

A Freind 07.08.2014 19:39

Cindi, I feel as though you are writing this section about me :(

Carol 07.08.2014 02:49

Great Topic Cindi, thanks for creating. It ended many things for me but also put on the road for a SECOND CHANCE, and I couldn't be happier, Love Carol♥

Bob Sanchez 06.08.2014 21:20

Ok Cindi, were you talking about me, I have had my share of Affairs, lol lol

Very well put together, great words! Love, Bob

A Friend 06.08.2014 19:08

Very well put together topic. Love, A Friend

Ann Marie 06.08.2014 01:36

Great Section, everyone should read, both men and women.

Thanks for being brave enough to create, Love Ann Marie

Scott 05.08.2014 21:50

WOW Cindi this is what I call a HOT TOPIC, this will probably push a lot of people's buttons, Congrats on being brave enough to create, Love, Scott

Jerome 05.08.2014 09:02

Hi, I'm a member of Madde's Group and ashamed to say that I'm having an affair, she makes me happy and thank God so far I have not hurt anyone, it is LUST.

Michael Caldera 05.08.2014 05:02

Thanks for the link Cynthia Jo. Love this topic lol

Do you like the new drawing of yourself, not finished yet, Love, Michael♥

Sue 05.08.2014 01:32

Love this section Cindi, just hope it's not about me, lol

Love you, Sue

Colleen Weston 04.08.2014 18:00

Great new topic Cindi. Love you and see you soon for a Birthday drink.

Love you, Love, Colleen

A Friend To All Readers 04.08.2014 04:30

Great Section Cindi! I've had an affair and let me tell you it's not worth it!
Hope everyone who reads this knows the consequences could be bad. Too hurtful!!

Eddie 03.08.2014 22:53

Very interesting Section Cindi Girl, sorry you missed lunch, what's up? Love this Section, I have some things to add that would be helpful, tex me, Love you♥

Maddie and James 03.08.2014 05:34

Cindi this is FABULOUS, I know you are still tweaking this Section but so far WE LOVE IT! I know you had reservations about doing it, WE SEND A BIG THANK YOU!

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