Love Doesn't Ask Why

Connie B. 29.10.2014 22:44

Love your new Halloween Video, I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS, is there anything you can't do Cindi? Your Husband is sure lucky to be married to YOU, Love, Connie♥

Mr. Halloween 28.10.2014 21:23

Love this page and your Halloween Face is SO cute!!

Cosby J. 28.10.2014 18:19

Happy Halloween Dear Cindi, Love, Cosby J.

Thomas J. Henry 28.10.2014 06:10

Very cute Halloween Page Cindi, I'm going to share your Videos with all my friends, very creative and so nice of you to share. Love, Tommy

Belinda J. 28.10.2014 02:17

Cindi, love this page, love your site, is there anything you can't do, you are very talented. I'm new to Maddie's Group and I have to say I LOVE THIS SITE!

James' 27.10.2014 23:25

Your entire Halloween page is so cute Cindi and your Videos, very cute.

Judi 27.10.2014 23:16

Great NEW Halloween Video Cindi, you are so talented, Love YOU ♥

Ann Marie 24.10.2014 03:41

Boo to you Miss Cindi, I love your Halloween Page, you are quite the Artist, Love You, Love Ann Marie

Kathy B. 22.10.2014 00:39

Cindi, I love your Halloween Page, your just as cute with Halloween makeup on as you are without. Happy Halloween, Love, Kathy B.

Katrina 17.10.2014 22:19

Love your Halloween page Cindi and your face is AWESOME, Katrina

Rose 17.10.2014 06:33

Love your Halloween page, Love, Rose

Justin 17.10.2014 03:31

Are you kidding me Cindi!!!!!! This is a great Halloween Page, I Love Halloween and your face is SPOOK-FABULOUS, Happy Halloween!

Love, Justin

William 16.10.2014 16:29

Cindi, You are still Beautiful even with the Cute Scary Face, Love this Page!! Love you, William

Eddie 16.10.2014 07:10

Cindi Girl, your even cute with a Scary Halloween Face, ha ha ha, Love you terribly, Love, Eddie

Eddie 16.10.2014 07:08

Are you brewing up a Love Spell for me Cindi Girl, sure hope so, Love you Terribly, Love Eddie, hope you are smiling, LV did you a favor, remember that please.

Ardina 16.10.2014 00:12

Cute page Cindi and your Halloween Face is precious, BOO, Love, Ardina xoxo

Megan♥ 15.10.2014 03:33

This page is fabulous and your Halloween Face is adorable, Cindi you are really something, where does all your creativity come from? Love you, Megan♥

Eddie 10.10.2014 07:16

I'd Love to put a spell on you Cindi Girl, Love YOU Terribly, Love, Eddie

♥♥ 10.10.2014 01:01


Cynthia F. 09.10.2014 19:35

Your Halloween Page is so cute Cindi and your decorated face for Halloween is adorable, Love YOU, Love Cynthia

Delores 09.10.2014 17:31

A really cute page.

Josh 09.10.2014 16:20

What an AWESOME page Cindi, and your little face is cute as ever even with Halloween scare makeup on, your still a cutie. Love you, Love, Josh

Evelyn 09.10.2014 07:07

What a cute Halloween Face and your page is (I'll use a phrase you would probably use) BOOoooooooooooo-LICIOUS.

Love, Evelyn Sandoval

Audry 09.10.2014 06:33

What a great Halloween Page Dear Cindi, you are so creative. Your Halloween face is so cute. Thank for all the love you give to all of us, Love, Audry

sharon 09.10.2014 04:38

Love it

Richie 09.10.2014 04:21

Precious Face Cindi, you couldn't look scary even if you tired, which you did (lol)

Love, Richie

Colleen 09.10.2014 04:20

Adorable Halloween Face Cindi, still beautiful, you would never be scary, Love you Girlie xoxo Love, Colleen♥

Maddie 09.10.2014 03:52

Your Halloween Face Cindi IS TO DIE FOR, LOVE IT!!!!

Love, Maddie

Gregory 09.10.2014 01:25

Great Halloween Page!!

♥♥ 09.10.2014 00:26

Love your Halloween page!!

♥♥ 08.10.2014 04:41

WOW, great Halloween Page Cindi xo

Gerdie 08.10.2014 04:39

What an AMAZING page Miss Cindi, I LOVE HALLOWEEN, Regards, Gerdie

Angel 07.10.2014 21:53

Hello sis its Angel

Linda 07.10.2014 18:49

Great halloween page Cindi!! You outdid yourself!!!

eva 07.10.2014 13:21


Eddie 06.10.2014 02:14

Love Potion #9. I believe!

Love YOU terribly, Love, Eddie

Colleen Weston 05.10.2014 19:53

Your Halloween Page is adorable Cindi, I Love it! Love Colleen

Michael 05.10.2014 04:01

Cynthia Jo, your the cutest dam Witch I've ever seen, you can brew some loving up for me anytime, love you cutie. Love Michael

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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