Love Doesn't Ask Why

Michael 27.05.2015 02:58

Love the photo of you and Ben, SO PROUD YOU ALL MUST BE♥

Jude 26.05.2015 20:36

Nice photo of you and Ben, Congrats to him, I know he worked very hard.

Stephanie 26.05.2015 20:20

The word that you use and that everyone else is using is so true PRECIOUS!!!!!

You are very blessed Cindi.

James (New York) 26.05.2015 20:12

Great Page Cindi, Family is so PRECIOUS, obviously very important to you.

Congratulations Ben ~ great photo of you and your Son, Love, James

Maddie (New York) 26.05.2015 18:20

Love this page Cindi! Congratulations on Ben's Graduation, such a great accomplishment. LOVE THE PHOTO OF YOU AND BEN. Love YOU, Love, Maddie♥

Margie 21.05.2015 22:37

Beautiful Family, Ben looks like Joe and Mary looks like your sister, love your page about your family, love you Girlie♥

Colleen♥♥ 21.05.2015 21:01

Love the Pic of you and Mary (With Sunglasses) you look like Sisters ~ When was this, your hair was so short, I like it the way it is now ~ VERY LONG ~ ♥ ~

Caroline 20.05.2015 20:47

Beautiful Family Page Cindi, you should be very proud.

Love your Videos♥

Love Caroline

Marsey 19.05.2015 21:49

Love this page, your Videos are so nice and you have such a nice family, you are very lucky.


Jani 19.05.2015 16:42

Cindi, this page is wonderful, what a nice family. Your Daughter is a CLONE of you, especially in your youth. Your are very lucky, keep the love going Sweetie

Bonnie 19.05.2015 00:31

Cindi, you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family, I can tell your family is full of love for one another. Love, Bonnie

Celina 18.05.2015 17:47

You have a very nice family Cindi and your Videos are so sweet.

David G. 18.05.2015 03:38

Beautiful Family!

Jolene 17.05.2015 01:13

Your family is Beautiful Cindi, love the photos.

Your Voice is so sweet♥

Night Spirit 15.05.2015 00:04

Cindi you have such a nice family, you are so lucky♥

Erlene (Maddie's Group) 14.05.2015 21:26

Cindi, you have an AMAZING website, this page about your family is also AMAZING, I love all the photos and videos you created, thanks for the share.

Lorraine (Maddie's Group) 14.05.2015 20:50

Beautiful Family Cindi!

Geri 14.05.2015 16:34


Norm Bigler 14.05.2015 04:31

Have you always been so beautiful Cindi, your pictures are wonderful, you and Joe make a Cute Couple, Ben & Mary are your doubles♥

Judith McIntyre 14.05.2015 04:09

You have such a nice family Cindi, you should be proud

I see the LOVE you have for each other, congratulations on a job well done as the Mother of your Clan.

Donna I. 14.05.2015 01:21

Beautiful page about your family♥

Jude 13.05.2015 18:10

Love this, the Videos make me cry, thanks Cindi for posting.

Margo (Maddie's Group) 13.05.2015 17:00

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Page!!

I envy you and the love you have for your family.

Marlene G. 12.05.2015 23:54

Love the Video about family Cindi, thanks for sharing and thanks for letting me share with my family. Love you

Jamie 12.05.2015 19:23

So Beautiful Cindi, Love that you decided to show pictures of your family, you are very lucky, I can see that your LOVE flows for them.

Shari 12.05.2015 03:03

Very impressive page,love your family pictures and love your videos.

I will be sure to share.

Lori 11.05.2015 21:46

Love this site!!!!

Marcie 11.05.2015 20:08

Cindi, love your Videos about Parents and Family, thank you. Can I use your Family Video and send to my Family? Love Marcie

Marco (James' Group) 11.05.2015 18:10

Love your Videos Cindi, you are so creative. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.

Brad 11.05.2015 17:57

Great Page about Parents and Family. Thank you.

Carmen 11.05.2015 05:43

Very Beautiful Cindi, the Videos are FABULOUS♥

Georgie 11.05.2015 04:05

Love your Videos about Parents and Family, your such a special woman Cindi, Happy Mother's Day♥

Maddie ♥♥ 11.05.2015 01:32

Beautiful Video about Family, I LOVE THE SONG, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, YES LOVE IS Cindi, thank you for the Beautiful Video♥♥

Janie 10.05.2015 19:06

Beautiful Tribute to your Family Cindi, you are very lucky!

Love you, Janie

Pixie Magic 10.05.2015 04:54

Love this page Cindi, Beautiful!!!!!!!

Erlene 10.05.2015 01:54

Family is everything Cindi and you have a nice one, thank you for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day, Love, Erlene

Karren 10.05.2015 01:45

Love this page, very beautiful.

Lillian 10.05.2015 00:32

What a nice family you have Cinci, I know how hard you tried to have babies, so your Twins are really your miracle children, like you said. Happy Mother's Day♥

Love Me, Who Loves YOU♥ 09.05.2015 06:04

Like everyone else Cindi this page is beautiful, the Love of Family is the purest Love of all, thank you for sharing your family with all of your friends♥

Betti 08.05.2015 23:56

Your Family Page is AWESOME Cindi, Happy Mother's Day to a Beautiful, Kind-Hearted Friend of mine. Love you♥

Jerry 08.05.2015 23:39

This page warms my heart Cindi, thank you for sharing your family and the love all of you have. You are a beautiful woman inside and out, and so loving.

Sam (James' Group) 08.05.2015 19:46

Unbelievably BEAUTIFUL Cindi, what a nice family you have, you are very lucky. I have to say, as I always, your voice is delightful and "soft and sexy.

Hank P. 08.05.2015 17:37

Love this page Cindi Lou, your family is beautiful and of course you are too. Your voice is delightful. Love you♥

♥♥ 08.05.2015 06:55


Ingrid 08.05.2015 04:24

Love this page Cindi, very nice family and sentiments about your family and family in general.

Love, Ingrid

Anna G. 08.05.2015 00:57

Very beautiful and a meaningful message here dear Cindi,you all make an adorable family! sending love your way ^_^

John Boy (you know who) 07.05.2015 23:51

You are really blessed to have such a wonderful family, you are so proud of them it's SO BEAUTIFUL.

Thanks for sharing your family with us

Bebe 07.05.2015 23:36

What an amazing family you have Cindi, you are very blessed.

Love you, Love, Bebe

Jerome 07.05.2015 18:41

Beautiful Page Cindi! You are lucky to have such a nice family.

Judi 07.05.2015 07:17

Beautiful Page, you have a very nice family Cindi Dear.

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