Love Doesn't Ask Why

Jody Peterson 07.05.2015 04:13

What a great page, you are correct Cindi, FAMILY IS FOREVER, your family is AWESOME♥

Colleen 07.05.2015 04:03

Love this page Cindi Lou, it's such a warm and precious accounting of your love for your family. Add the pic of you and Joe, the one with your PINK lips, lol♥

Margaret (GG) 07.05.2015 02:31

Love your family page Cindi, I agree with Carol Ann, I know I'm envious, but happy for you that you have such an amazing family, thanks for sharing.

Carol Ann 07.05.2015 01:43

Cindi, I think all of us must be envious of your beautiful family, it's looks like the PERFECT FAMILY, so Beautiful, lucky girl.

Maddie 07.05.2015 01:33

Cindi, my Groups love your page, you will be receiving more comments. I'm going to post a Poem about family in the Guestbook, feel free to use. Love Maddie

Brad 07.05.2015 01:17

Love your family page, this is Brad from FB

Marcos 07.05.2015 01:04

Love this page, such a beautiful family you have Cindi, facebook sure gets the word out, BEAUITFUL.

Texas Annie 07.05.2015 01:00


Margie 07.05.2015 00:33

Looks like all your friends saw your beautiful page on FB, you do have a beautiful family Cindi, you are very lucky, your daughter looks like you.

Barb 07.05.2015 00:16

Thank you for the share on facebook, love your family page, so sweet, you have a beautiful family.

Marv 07.05.2015 00:06

Love your site Cindi, but this page beats it all, family and love, nothing better, SO BEAUTIFUL!

Ronnie 07.05.2015 00:05

Hi Cindi, this is Ronnie, another facebook friend, I love your page about your family and being a parent, you sure have a beautiful family, kudos to YOU♥

Yolanda 06.05.2015 23:55

Hi Cindi, I'm a facebook friend, love your page, your family is beautiful, so much love, lucky YOU, Love Yolanda

Shari 06.05.2015 23:52

Thanks for sharing your beautiful page on Facebook, your family is beautiful, you look like your husband, Ben looks like your husband and Mary looks like you♥

Maddie (New York) 06.05.2015 23:35

This page of you and your family is so precious Cindi, thanks for sharing.

Love, Maddie

Jolene 06.05.2015 19:54

Beautiful, Beautiful Page Cindi!

Michael Caldera 06.05.2015 17:21

Love this page Cynthia Jo, what a great family you have, could have been mine :(

Seriously you all are very lucky to have each other, Love you

Jody 06.05.2015 07:34

Cindi, this page about your family is FABULOUS, I should have had a hankie with me when I read, very beautiful.

Jamie 06.05.2015 03:33


Marie 06.05.2015 00:52

Cindi, what a beautiful page this is, so nice to see your Family. You and your daughter look alike and your husband and son look alike, SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Nita and Louis 05.05.2015 19:29

Cindi, you have a very nice family. Love this section. All of you are beautiful, especially you and your daughter.

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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