Love Doesn't Ask Why

♥♥Love Conquers All ~ OR DOES IT♥♥

Love is the answer, to all that ails
you, so they say!



OR NOT??? 

We've all heard that "love conquers all."

Many couples believe in their heart of hearts that if there's enough love between them, all problems will be conquered. But this wishful thinking often leads to heartbreak.

Experience shows that you can love someone deeply - and still opt to divorce.

Yes, being in love helps. Yet the foundation of a strong marriage is created by something deeper still: sharing and pursuing mutual life goals.

A soothing word
and a tender touch, helps to pave 
the way.

When you're in love, you
feel like you're riding high, it's a
warm and wonderful sensation, 
where you can almost, reach the 
sky! Love can conquer, just about
anything, it's known to put you in a
euphoric state and all the wonders
it can bring.

Ah, the sweet mysteries
of love, I know of nothing, that can
take it's place.

Actually speaking, 
what could ever compare, to a
   warm and tender, embrace?  

Billy 26.05.2015 03:16

Love does not conquer all Cindi, sometimes LOVE is not enough, I've been there, I know.

Michael C. 21.05.2015 18:53

LOVE DOES NOT CONQUER ALL CYNTHIA JO!! But I still and always will love you, my Sweet Friend.

Marco 21.05.2015 01:41

My My Cindi Roo, Love Does NOT Conquer All, most of the time you get it right but this time you didn't sorry, Sweetie. I think most men would agree with me!

Josh E. 21.05.2015 01:33

Love is never enough Cindi, it really isn't, call me and I'll tell you my story and you can add it to this section, but I do love you!

Josh E.

Jamie 21.05.2015 00:57

Great Topic Cindi, look forward to you finishing this section. I have to say THAT I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT LOVE CONQUERS ALL, SORRY, MY OPINION.

Love, Jamie

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Love your Christmas Site Cindi, Beautiful, as always♥ Christmas Love...

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WOW ~ VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Holidays♥

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Are you alive?

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